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Trump has promised retaliatory measures against the DPRK

Трамп пообещал ответные меры против КНДРThe North Korean regime has warned of the possibility of a nuclear attack the United States.

The President of the United States Donald trump gave a clear signal that more will not tolerate a new provocative missile launches by North Korea and will act in response without any warnings.

This was stated on Tuesday during a briefing in Washington, White house spokesman Sean Spicer, the correspondent of UKRINFORM.

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“The President is not one of those who goes out and “wire” their reaction,” said Spicer.

He stressed that the US President “made clear to North Korea that its actions, its missile launches will not be tolerated”. A White house spokesman said that Washington will treat seriously the nuclear threat from North Korea.

“The last thing we would like to see is a nuclear North Korea that threatens the coast of the United States, and, if it comes to that, then any other country,” said Speier.

Thus, a White house spokesman commented on the question regarding the tweeter message, Donald trump against North Korea, which the President has placed on Tuesday.

“North Korea is looking for trouble. If China decides to help, it will be good. If not, we will solve this problem without them.” – wrote the American leader.

Meanwhile, the North Korean regime via state media on Tuesday warned about the possibility of a nuclear attack on the United States in case any signs of aggression on the part of the strike group the U.S. Navy, which approached the Peninsula.

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