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Transformer NEC LaVie Hybrid Zero weight to 770 grams

Previously, only Apple’s MacBook Air could boast low weight, but now he had many rivals — thin and light laptops from other manufacturers and, most importantly, preloaded with Windows. One is the new NEC LaVie Hybrid Zero, which weighs just less than 1kg, and even less than 800 grams.

The total weight of the laptop NEC LaVie Hybrid Zero, which, incidentally, is trasformers and can turn into a tablet computer, is just 770 grams, while its screen has a diagonal of 13.3 inches. There is also a version for the 11.6 inch, but it is, first, a bit heavier, secondly, has no swivel screen — instead it has a detachable keyboard. But for lightness and compactness always have to pay, and NEC’s LaVie Hybrid Zero in this regard is no exception. And if the hardware stuffing it all in order, then autonomy is not in the best way — a full battery will last for 6.5 hours of work. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

This applies to the easiest modifications — those that are harder to withstand for 10 hours on a single charge, and without a keyboard, by the way, they weigh 390 grams. Detailed specs, price and release date new laptop NEC LaVie Hybrid Zero all modifications will be announced a little later, presumably at the show MWC 2017 at the end of this month. So far we know about the presence of Intel Core i3 Kaby Lake from our database to i7 in the top.

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