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This place is called “the Carpathian Stonehenge”. Photo

Это место называют «Карпатским Стоунхенджем». ФотоThe blogger told about the interesting sights.

If you Google, the search engine will give you different versions of the “Carpathian Stonehenge”. I will describe only what I saw with my own eyes that I was really impressed. In my opinion, the Path of Dovbush, which leads to a number of high cliffs and huge rocks, in all fairness, be called a second Stonehenge. This attraction is located in the Carpathian mountains, between the town of Yaremche and Mykulychyn.

And can be easily reached both by car and by bus. Entrance (official) is right next to the main road. So you can’t go wrong. You will see there is a little market with Souvenirs and a sign.

Это место называют «Карпатским Стоунхенджем». Фото

Why in this place mention the name Oleksa Dovbush? In a nutshell. It is known in the Carpathians vigilante. Lived in these areas during the second half of the nineteenth century. In these rocks was his refuge. They say he hid his treasure here (the ones that were taken from Panov). But this person needs to tell apart.

So, back to our “Stonehenge”. This is a large part of the forest in the mountains. There are chaotically placed large piles of stones, there are also towering cliffs and caves. The place is very picturesque. There really can be a hiding place no one will find.

Это место называют «Карпатским Стоунхенджем». Фото

From the main entrance to the site are two different route. My advice: go to the rocks on one route and back on another. The entrance fee is symbolic. By the way, at first you will run the locals by offering horse riding and other activities in this spirit.
Then begins the real mountain forest. Suggest, from the route will not deviate, since you can easily get lost. The route itself is not very complicated, so you can have children older than seven years. But kids you will have most of the way to carry, so better not to take chances.

At first you will feel like you are making a regular Hiking. But then it will be harder. There is very beautiful. For lovers of nature − that is necessary. On the way there will be hard to reach for a regular tourist places then the minimum margin of safety you have, after all, supposed to be. When it comes to rocks, you will lose the spirit and from monumental stone blocks of different shapes, and from physical exertion. If you wish, you can climb on the highest rock, but it will not be easy. However, the view from it is wonderful. The whole district: the forest, the mountains and the river (the noise of which you will hear all the way) look at a glance.

Это место называют «Карпатским Стоунхенджем». Фото

Right off the cliff will be available another route on a neighboring mountain Makovytsya. If you want to spend the night in the mountains, unable to continue the journey already on this path. The route is quite long. And another thing, in the Carpathians at any time can start raining. If you have no desire to get wet, bring a raincoat-raincoats (umbrellas on the tourist route you will not be useful). The cloaks you can buy for pennies at any local store. And yet, do not go to the Dovbush rocks immediately after rain, or the Hiking can turn into a downhill slalom on the fifth point. Enjoy your trip! “Carpathian Stonehenge” is worth attention.

Это место называют «Карпатским Стоунхенджем». Фото

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