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The week in the NHL: “Washington”, “Columbus” and “Chicago” in the playoffs

Неделя в НХЛ: «Вашингтон», «Коламбус» и «Чикаго» уже в плей-оффSumming up another week of the regular season for the hundredth season in NHL history.

In the West, the main surprise was the crisis of “Minnesota” – “the Savages” has lost five matches in a row and lost contact with Chicago. “Blackhawks” before due to the comeback in the home match with Colorado became the first club conference, which guaranteed a place in the playoffs.

Despite a series of setbacks, “Minnesota” and “San Jose” in the near future will join “Chicago”. Firmly in the playoffs are Anaheim, calgary and Edmonton, and the last two places are the main favourites were “St. Louis” and “Nashville”. Perhaps just “Los Angeles” may still challenge these teams. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Western conference:

Неделя в НХЛ: «Вашингтон», «Коламбус» и «Чикаго» уже в плей-офф

“Columbus” and “Washington” knocked hundreds of points early and staked out spots in the playoffs. “Pittsburgh” in the next match can make a company the two leaders of the conference. In the days before the playoffs get “Rangers” “Montreal” and “Ottawa”.

For the last place in the playoffs at the end of the season is expected a serious fight to oust Boston and Toronto will try to “islanders”, “Tampa”, “Philadelphia”, “Carolina” and “Florida”.

Eastern conference:

Неделя в НХЛ: «Вашингтон», «Коламбус» и «Чикаго» уже в плей-офф

The leaders in the attack:

1. Sidney Crosby (“Pittsburgh”) – 80 (40 goals, 40 assists)
2. Conor McDavid (Edmonton) – 80 (25+55)
3. Brad Marchand (“Boston”) – 79 (37+42)
4. Patrick Kane (Chicago) – 79 (32+47)
5. Niklas Bäckström (Washington) – 75 (21+54)

Leading goaltenders:

1. Sergey Bobrovsky (“Columbus”) is a safety factor of 2.04, 93.1% of the reflected shots
2. Braden holtby (Washington) – Kuf. Of 2.05, 92.5% OTP. shots
3. Scott darling (Chicago) – Kuf. 2,12, 93.1% of neg. shots

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