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The Vatican Ivanka trump took the photo of Italian footballer for the St


The 45th President of the United States, 70-year-old Donald trump (Donald Trump) always been sharp remarks and controversial actions. Not behind a wife and first lady — self-willed Melania trump. But this time distinguished the eldest daughter of President Ivanka trump.

Earlier in the week, the President together with his family arrived on an official visit to Rome, where has not done without incidents.


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Network users are still actively discussing a photo of the leader of the United States and Pope Francis. The fact is that in the picture the President is too happy, whereas Francis is very gloomy, and the ladies look like members of the Addams family.


Frame spread around the Internet, becoming a reason for many memes.

Ivanka trump with her husband in Rome

The owner explained that the picture depicts a football player Giorgio Cinalli, who played in the team Lazio. “It’s not a Saint, but a great champion Lazio,” explained the man.

Ivanka trump at “Café St. Ignatius”

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