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The US and Australia conducted a successful test hypersonic missiles

США и Австралия провели успешное испытание гиперзвуковой ракетыThe missile is capable of speeds of more than 12 thousand kilometers per hour.

According to the publication, the missile is capable of speeds up to 7700 miles per hour — more than 12 thousand kilometers per hour. The test launch took place at the polygon Woomera in South Australia. As noted by the Minister of defence Maryse Payne test, in the framework of the HiFIRE program was held July 12, with the name of the missile is not specified.

The cost of the project is $ 54 million. This is a joint program of the U.S. air force and the Ministry of defense of Australia, which also involved the Boeing company and BAE Systems and the University of Queensland. In the Australian division of BAE Systems noted that “the successful flight test was the most difficult of all tests HIFiRE today”.

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At the same time on July 13 on the YouTube channel of the faculty of engineering, architecture and information technology the University of Queensland has a video of the test run hypersonic vehicle HiFIRE 4. It is reported that he intended to separate from the booster in space and perform controlled manoeuvres after exposure to the atmosphere.

The Independent notes that China and Russia are developing hypersonic weapons. As he said in this regard, the head of the Pacific command Admiral Harry Harris, “all we can do is to develop our own hypersonic weapons and to improve our defense against their [weapons]”.

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In April, the Russian defense Ministry announced that the army of 2025 will have new models of hypersonic weapons. Before it became known that during the tests new hypersonic anti-ship missile “Zircon” has reached eight times the speed of sound.

In addition, Russia is developing anti-aircraft missile system air defense/missile defense s-500, which is designed in particular to attack hypersonic cruise missiles and to combat ballistic targets. Its first prototype is expected to produce by 2020.

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