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The UN approved new sanctions against Pyongyang

ООН одобрила новые санкции в отношении ПхеньянаThe DPRK is almost completely cease to supply petroleum products.

The UN Security Council on Friday unanimously adopted a resolution which provides for more stringent sanctions against the DPRK.

“The result of the voting is as follows: “for” a draft resolution voted by the 15 members of the Council. The draft resolution was adopted unanimously”, – said after the vote, the President of the security Council in December, permanent representative of Japan to the UN, Koro Bessho.

Prepared by the United States draft resolution was circulated among Council members yesterday.

Document of the UN security Council on North Korea provides a dramatic reduction in oil supplies. Thus, it is proposed by almost 90% to reduce the supply to the DPRK of petroleum products, including diesel fuel and kerosene, limiting them to 500 thousand barrels a year. Deliveries of crude oil to North Korea must not exceed 4 million barrels per year. According to the resolution, all suppliers of oil and oil products to the DPRK will have to inform the UN.

In addition, a ban on the supply to DPRK of various minerals, chemical products, electrical goods and equipment, as well as certain foods.

All countries also have the right to stop, search and detain vessels, which result from or in North Korean ports.

USA proposed to amend the sanctions list of 19 citizens of North Korea and the Ministry of people’s armed forces.

During the year all countries that use labor from the DPRK in their territory, we should deport all North Korean workers.

The ninth sanctions UN security Council resolution on the DPRK was adopted unanimously on 11 September. However, in late November, North Korea after a long pause again conducted missile tests. Pyongyang announced the launch of an Intercontinental ballistic missile “And 15”, which, according to the North Korean side, able to reach any point on the territory of the United States.

Kim Jong UN stated that North Korea is a nuclear threat to the United States.

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