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The tragedy in the United States: a man stole an ambulance and ran over the woman

Трагедия в США: мужчина угнал скорую и переехал женщинуA thief stole an ambulance and ran over a medic.

The tragedy occurred in the new York borough of the Bronx. Unknown stole an ambulance and killed one of the people in the car doctors. A victim of the attacker, who threw the medic under the wheels of the car, was 44-year-old Yadira Arroyo.

She is survived by her five children.

The unnamed attacker latched on to the bumper slowly going the ambulance. When driving a Arroyo got out of the car to see what was the matter, the man, seizing the moment, jumped into the cab. Arroyo attempted to throw a stranger, but he was stronger.

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The attacker struck the woman several blows and threw it under the wheels of the ambulance. The medic died on the spot. Her colleague, who was inside, suffered serious injuries. The unknown managed to hold immediately, the ambulance got stuck in the snow. It is known that he is 25, the personal details of the theft were not disclosed.

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Yadira Arroyo 14 years she has worked in the fire Department of new York city. She became the third employee of this organization that died in the line of duty.

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