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The tragedy in Austria: the man killed members of your family.

Трагедия в Австрии: мужчина зарезал членов свей семьиThe life of a woman after emergency surgery at present is out of danger.

Thirty-six male in the night on Sunday in Lower Austria was stabbed by his father and stepmother, stabbed his wife and threatened to kill 11-year-old son.

According to the announcement, in a house in the area of Wenzendorf, where he arrived to visit relatives, the first man killed with a kitchen knife with a 52-year-old stepmother, then he killed 55-year-old father and repeatedly stabbed his 38-year-old wife.

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According to police, a woman’s life after emergency surgery currently is out of danger.

Upon arrival, law enforcement officials, the attacker was trying to get out through the window to the outside, holding the murder weapon from the hands. The man took in hostages of the son, threatening police to kill him, but the boy managed to escape, and after a warning of fire in the air the man gave up.

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According to the Agency, at the same time in another room was a 14-year-old half-brother the suspect.

Currently, the man placed in a detention cell. In the near future the investigation will decide its measure to carry out is judicial-psychological examination to establish the motive of the crime, the publication adds.

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