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The surroundings of Munich: the most beautiful castles. Photo

Окрестности Мюнхена: самые красивые замки. ФотоDespite the fact that life here is bubbling and boiling, you will feel very comfortable, cozy and homey.

The capital of Bavaria Munich is doubtless one of the most exciting and popular tourist destinations in Germany.

It provides noisy beer, authentic Bavarian cuisine, countless museums and historic cathedrals. Munich is also famous for its impressive palaces and castles, especially the Baroque Castle Nymphenburg, the Munich residence of the 14th century. If you are interested in architecture and history, plan a visit to the numerous castles in the surroundings of Munich are definitely worth a visit. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Opposite the castle of Hohenschwangau is Neuschwanstein castle, which is one of the most famous landmarks in the world. The legend says that Walt Disney used a stunning castle as inspiration for his own castles Disney. Neuschwanstein was created in the 19th century by king Ludwig II, which was used to construct the funds from his personal Treasury. The design is inspired by the movement of romanticism, as a kind of respect for the operas of Wagner. The rooms of the Palace impress with their interiors and high quality finishes. Among the most extravagant places is to provide a colorful lounge Singers and the bedroom of the king.

Окрестности Мюнхена: самые красивые замки. Фото

Castle Prunn
120 km North of Munich is Prunn castle, built in the early 13th century in late Gothic style. The design of the castle is impressive, along with its picturesque location. Castle Prunn is located on a small hill that overlooks the Valley of the river Altmühl. Tourists attracted by the stunning views, but one of the main features of the castle Prunn – perfectly preserved medieval atmosphere. A large hall on the ground floor for sure has maintained the Gothic style of the 13th century. In this castle was written Pronsky Code – historical manuscript of the classic German epic. This is definitely one of the most glorious castles of Germany.

Окрестности Мюнхена: самые красивые замки. Фото

Herrenchiemsee Castle
Approximately 90 minutes drive from Munich is a beautiful lake Chiemsee. In the middle of the lake there is an island on which is built a remarkable Castle Herrenchiemsee. Created by king Ludwig II in an attempt to copy the famous Palace of Versailles, Herrenchiemsee castle became the true embodiment of wealth. During the tour of the castle get ready to see gold decorated luxurious bedrooms, a world-famous portraits and, unprecedented in scale, a collection of porcelain. The gardens of Herrenchiemsee Castle is no less phenomenal than Versailles. Do not try to leave before they walk through the manicured lawns of the English and French styles.

Окрестности Мюнхена: самые красивые замки. Фото

The Trausnitz Castle
To the North-East of Munich in the Bavarian town of Landshut is the trausnitz castle is a medieval construction built at the times of the 13th century. For several hundred years the castle was the stronghold of the Bavarian monarchy. Several significant renovations gave the castle to the German Renaissance style, the Florentine influence, and even a major renovation in the 19th century. Today you can visit such famous rooms as a Knightly Hall, which is still used for banquets, work in White Hall and Terrace in the Tower from the top of which fine views of the city of Landshut.

Окрестности Мюнхена: самые красивые замки. Фото

Nuremberg Castle
Nuremberg is known primarily for his war crimes Tribunal after the Second world war. But the medieval city is also home to an incredible castle. Some parts of the huge castle dates back to the 12th century, and today the Nuremberg Castle dominates the old town centre. The tour of the castle enables visitors to immerse themselves in the history of the Holy Roman Empire and to understand the role that Nuremberg played in the middle Ages. Stunning Romanesque double chapel – the Central part of the castle, but should not miss other attractions, including a deep well, which was the only source of water for the castle.

Окрестности Мюнхена: самые красивые замки. Фото

Linderhof Palace
About 100 kilometers from Munich is the town of Oberammergau and its famous Linderhof Palace. This is one of the fantastic palaces of Ludwig II and one of the few that was completely finished and was used by the king. Linderhof castle was also modeled in example fashion in the 19th century French castles, but differs from them in smaller decorative. The facade of the castle is strongly Baroque, but the interior mainly dominated by the Rococo style. This means a lot of jewelry, heavy textiles and rich materials. Inside the Palace there are many interesting visitor opportunities, but do not miss the opportunity to visit its magnificent gardens. This castle is on the list of outstanding attractions in southern Germany.

Окрестности Мюнхена: самые красивые замки. Фото

Heading South West from Munich you will eventually reach the border with Austria. Approximately a few kilometers before crossing the border you will find one of the most beautiful castles near Munich: castle Hohenschwangau. It is located directly opposite the world-famous Neuschwanstein, why many people do not give it the attention that castle really deserves. Hohenschwangau is definitely worth a visit, especially if You already went on a trip in the surroundings of Munich. This castle of the 19th century was the home of king Ludwig II, when he was still a child, and it has many interesting features. The main sights include the Fountain of the Swan, as well as beautiful halls and dance halls.

Окрестности Мюнхена: самые красивые замки. Фото

Burghausen Castle
A 90-minute drive East of Munich, right on the border with Austria, is the castle of Burghausen. Overlooking the river Salzach beautiful castle – one of the longest castle complexes in the world. The castle of Burghausen was built in the 11th century, although it has been used since the Bronze age. During the excursion to Burghausen visitors can explore most of the rooms on their own. Be sure to visit each of the six courtyards, and take the time to admire the incredible Gothic art collection in the public Gallery. Climb to the viewing platform on the roof offering spectacular views of the river and the border with Austria.

Окрестности Мюнхена: самые красивые замки. Фото

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