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The strangest patented inventions. Photo

Самые странные запатентованные изобретения. ФотоDiapers for birds and many absurd inventions.

People have created a huge number of useful things and even more stuff is useless and frankly absurd. It seems that in the pursuit of fame and money, and may just be from the rush of inspiration, people create items, which are unlikely to be useful in real life. However, you never know.

1. Ladies underwear with calendar (US 5606748)

Самые странные запатентованные изобретения. Фото

In any case, if a woman forgets about when her next period, her rescue should come this unusual underwear.

Here’s how it works: on the front of the panty has a belt with two clips-clips in the form of gold and silver hearts, below is the calendar with 31 day in two lines. When a woman starts menstruating, she can manually set with the help of hearts the beginning and end of the period, after which the ends of the hearts will indicate the date below and will prompt the start of the next period.

2. Face mask “anti-food” (US 4344424)

Самые странные запатентованные изобретения. Фото

For sure, many are tired of again to try a new diet and once again fail. The solution may be similar to the “muzzle”.

In such a mask the person can breathe and talk, but he can’t eat. Rather unusual way to lose weight.

3. Bird diaper (US 5934226)

Самые странные запатентованные изобретения. Фото

Those who are tired of cleaning up after their feathered pet, keep the following invention. This “diaper for the birds” has a closed pouch for receiving and storing feces, and holes into which you can insert the wings and tail.

4. Device for the automatic filling of the bed (US 4441222)

Самые странные запатентованные изобретения. Фото

Following the absurd invention are suitable for those who are tired to make the bed every day.

Anyone can use this device with an electric drive for the filling of bed linen, just attaching it to the frame of the bed.

5. Cigarette filter with cheese (US 3234948)

Самые странные запатентованные изобретения. Фото

Smoke lovers can now experience a whole new Smoking experience by purchasing flavored cigarette filter made of cheese, of course, if they start to produce.

According to the statement of the inventor, “current” cigarette filters (which are used since 1966) don’t filter enough tar and nicotine from tobacco smoke, so he “discovered” the new filter is: cheese. The inventor insists that this product is “a very efficient tobacco filter.”

6. Backup for the head near the toilet (US 6681419)

Самые странные запатентованные изобретения. Фото

Many people, no doubt, were in a situation when you had to kneel in front of the toilet. Usually after this person swears that drinking more will not, but renounce silly.

For many, however, kneeling is appropriate. The reason for this is simple — in a very “screwy” as difficult to maintain balance. For such cases, and they invented a special “spot” on the wall, which is attached over the toilet, which is convenient to rest your head.

7. The bionic golfer

Самые странные запатентованные изобретения. Фото

This thing is designed for those who want to learn to play Golf but doesn’t want to listen to the lecture coach.

T3 Bionic Golfer captures and holds your shoulders, arms, waist and legs of a man, completely controlling his movement and helping to strike in the right direction. You just need to relax… if it is, of course, get to do, being “chained” to such a thing.

8. The constant tightening for the face (US 4995379)

Самые странные запатентованные изобретения. Фото

The concept is simple — to places that need to be tightened, attach adhesive plasters, then these straps to the tape that encircles the head.

The inventor proposes “to make the device as discreet as possible, making its elements are either completely transparent or flesh color”.

9. Amusement urinal (US 4773863)

Самые странные запатентованные изобретения. Фото

So the next idea: a urinal with amusement. When during defecation, the urine enters the urinal, it is detected by the pressure sensors and temperature, which send an electrical signal to the control unit. This activates the loudspeaker and video screen to provide audio and visual signals.

The combination of sight and sound can vary by the user by means of a jet of urine.

10. Motorized cone for ice cream (US 5971829)

Самые странные запатентованные изобретения. Фото

The present invention is designed for extremely lazy people. Insert the ice cream cone in the device and push the button. And he begins slowly to rotate, you only need to expose the language.

The cone is also suitable for any other soft food that you can lick.

11. A device for protection of bananas (US 6612440)

Самые странные запатентованные изобретения. Фото

This protective device includes a container in the shape of a banana that opens on hinges and is designed as easy to guess, for storing the banana.

So the fetus will not be damaged in transit, inside there are pads for cushioning and protecting the banana. It remains only to understand why this is necessary.

12. The muffler mouth (US 4834212)

Самые странные запатентованные изобретения. Фото

Meet the “Sound muffler” is a device in which people can shout without disturbing others, allowing him to release his anger.

The device is fully sound-insulating foam, and is equipped with a microphone and sensors to measure the volume of the scream.

13. Emoticon keyboard (US 6629793)

Самые странные запатентованные изобретения. Фото

Usually people draw emoticons, combining the characters of different keys. Sure, everyone wondered why no special buttons for individual smiles.

The present invention is an enhanced keyboard features in addition to standard buttons, special buttons for emoticons and also a special CPU with a scanner, which you can use to create emoticons on the screen itself.

14. Palookaville (US 4809435)

Самые странные запатентованные изобретения. Фото

On the one hand is the Eastern chopsticks. And on the other hand the ends of the sticks together, connecting to the fork or spoon. Here is a universal device for food.

15. Ear protection dogs (US 4233942)

Самые странные запатентованные изобретения. Фото

It’s a ridiculous invention provides protection of the ears of animals, especially long-haired dogs, from contamination food in while they eat.

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