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The star of “American idol” Pierre Narcisse accused in the brutal rape


Singer from Cameroon, 40-year-old Pierre Narcisse became famous thanks to the TV project “star Factory” and their hit “Chocolate Bunny”. In 2009, Pierre married to singer Valerie Kalacheva, who bore him a daughter, Carolina-Cristelo. Valeria has repeatedly accused the spouse in assault, but to file for divorce the woman decided just a few years ago. And recently, in beating and rape of the actor accused his mistress, radio host Marianne Suvorov.

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“He hit me, pinched my mouth and nose. I couldn’t breathe, I cried, I begged him. He threw me,” — said Suvorov in the program “Talk show” of NTV channel. According to Marianne for several months had to be treated. Pierre, as says the singer, at first wanted to pay off, and when she threatened him with police, began to threaten. Suvorov said that he feared for his life and the life of his child, so did not go to the police.

In the Studio of Marianna spoke about her meeting with Narcisse, and about the fact that at first he made quite an impression on her. Artists have a relationship. Pierre daily wrote the girl messages with declarations of love and proposals to meet. He once wrote that he wanted “to punish her in black.” Suvorov do not take seriously these words and went to meet with the singer to the hotel.

A few hours the actors were just talking, but suddenly Narcisse threw Marianne in bed: “I was Suddenly taken by the collar, by the hair. Threw it on the bed. Stripped clothes. It was all in a distorted version. I was beaten in the face. I was screaming and still wonder why at the reception no one heard. He was choking me and… well let’s medical terms, rectally raped. It’s a crazy pain, fear. I cried, asked him to stop”. Suvorov soon lost consciousness and could not understand what was going on.

Pierre with his wife and daughter

According to Marianne, Narcissus brought her to the apartment of her friend, who called an ambulance. Doctors have suggested the singer to write a statement to the police, but Suvorov refused. Later, the woman went to a doctor of his clinic.

In the Studio also came the wife of Narcisse Valery Kalachev, who said that he and singer do not live together for two years: “I know he’s out there, drinks a lot. I have not had time to end to issue our divorce. It can be aggressive. He likes to rape. I have written many times on his statements, but took them out. He raised a hand to me”.

Present in the Studio lawyers said that it is impossible to neglect and Pierre has to face criminal sanctions. At the end of the show, the two women insisted that the singer should be isolated from society.

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