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The son of one of leaders “DNR” to study in Kyiv

Сын одного из руководителей "ДНР" учиться в КиевеIt turns out that in “the Republic” no decent schools.

While the first Minister of interior “FSC” Yuri Ivakin, a fugitive from “justice LC” in the Crimea, his son Alexander Ivakin settled in Kiev.

In December 2016, he was looking for a job of family driver, and in April 2017, I began to attend training courses to gain knowledge in the sphere of compulsory execution of court decisions and decisions of other bodies under the Ministry of justice of Ukraine, – said Ivan Zheved on the page in Facebook.

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Ivakin Alexandr Yurievich, born June 28, 1976. From 1992 to 1996 he studied at the Kiev national Academy of internal Affairs.

From March 2007 to 2014 worked as the head of RV Makarov, Kiev region. In this position, he was accused of drug trafficking.

Alexander Ivakin – the son of the former head of Zhytomyr regional district management of militia Yury Ivakin who after the Maidan moved in Lugansk region and for some time led the so-called “Ministry of internal Affairs of LNR”.

May 18, 2014, to the building of gumvd of Ukraine in Lugansk region came the so-called interior Minister of the self-proclaimed “Luhansk people’s Republic” Yuriy Ivakin, accompanied by several hundred local residents.

Yuri Ivakin entered the building and handed the duty the order that is the Minister of internal Affairs LNR. The corresponding “order” signed by the self-styled Governor of the “Luhansk national Republic” Valery Bolotov on may 18.

In December 2014 the blog “patria-0-muerte”, wrote that a former functionary of the Party of regions and former head of the Department of internal Affairs in Zhitomir still receives payments from the Ukrainian Treasury and still not devoid of sparzanza.”Yuri, bringing in one of Luhansk banks three million hryvnias of cash, departed recuperate in the Sunny Crimea.

With this status, “detective Lugansk” can afford and walks along the seafront of Yalta, and the corresponding status car and suit with shimmer”, — reported in the blog.

Recall, the media admitted that the former “Minister LNR” quiet moves by Ukraine.

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