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The soloist of “via gra” confiscated a large amount

У солистки "Виа Гры" конфисковали крупную суммуErica Herceg forgot to declare large amounts and lost the suit.

This story began a year ago in the airport “Borispol”. Allegedly Erica Herceg flew from Kazakhstan and the customs control was stopped for a personal inspection.

As a result of her handbag was seized nearly 30 thousand dollars, 12.5 thousand euros and 15 thousand Russian rubles. The amount was not declared, and therefore lawfully seized except as permitted to be imported without Declaration of 10 thousand dollars (the exchange rate). In the aggregate in favor of the state of the actress confiscated about one million hryvnias.

And this story surfaced now due to the fact that in the Internet appeared the decree of the Appellate court of Kyiv region, which did not permit the land to return the arrested funds.

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As it turned out, before the city court of Boryspil acknowledged the soloist of group “VIA Gra” Eric Herceg guilty and fined her 1,700 UAH. However, there are still many instances where the artist may find his truth.

– To be honest, I don’t hear about it – surprised information concert Director of the group “VIA Gra” Arthur Kovalkov. And surprisingly, to me this story is not leaked, given the fact that our artist is not very good at keeping my mouth shut. But I can tell you similar stories happened to many artists, just not all admit. Once on a flight from Kiev to “Borispol” something similar happened with Albina Dzhanabaeva. And, I confess, I once took the money customs. I was bringing the salary of all staff, twirled and forgot to declare it. Then I have no help, no courts. Confiscated and never returned.

– Maybe Eric didn’t know what to declare?

– I girls from the first days of work briefed. She knew all about it. I still can’t believe it Eric. Is it possible she was involved in litigation and we were not told and not asked for help? Don’t even know how this is possible.

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