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The singer Maksim was hospitalized in Turkey with acute gastritis


Fans of the 33-year-old singer Maksim (Marina Maksimova) have repeatedly expressed their concern about her extreme thinness. Many people have asked the actress to eat better and not to get carried away with diets. Apparently, fears were not in vain. Over the weekend it became known that Marina is hospitalized on the holiday in Turkey.

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“Marina began a sharp pain in the abdomen. Pills didn’t help, the discomfort intensified. When tolerate was almost impossible, called the doctor, who was diagnosed with acute gastritis. Prescribed a bunch of medication, proper diet. Night Marina spent in the hospital. During this time, changed plane tickets and urgently returned to Moscow”, — said in an interview with StarHit friends of the singer.

In Moscow, Maximov went to the doctor. The singer was examined for several days. According to relatives of the actress, due to her illness she had to cancel concerts and a performance at the music awards.

“Now Marina in the country, comes to, she’s a little better, but full recovery and return to work early to speak”, — said surrounded by stars.

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