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The scandal surrounding the “Eurovision-2017” appeared fresh details

Громкий скандал вокруг "Евровидения-2017": появились свежие деталиThe Ukrainian side has hired Swiss lawyers to investigate the situation with the freezing of money.

Member of the Board of NSTU responsible for legal direction. Inna Grebenyuk brought clarity to the situation

Geneva have arrested a 15 million euros allocated by the government of Ukraine as a guarantee of carrying out of “Eurovision”
lock 15 million Euro, which the Ukrainian government has allocated from the state budget as a guarantee for the proper conduct of “Eurovision”.

As told Grebenyuk in comments to journalists of TSN, while the Ukrainian side with the help of Swiss lawyers trying to find out who has blocked funds. According to a member of the Board of NSTU responsible for legal work, the European broadcasting Union (EBU) has nothing to do.

“It’s not the EBU seized. He also became a hostage situation. Because the duty imposed, the relevant authorities of Switzerland, the Executive office of Switzerland. The EMU also did not know who imposed the arrest. The EMU is a third party, which is simply put before the fact that these funds are frozen and we with the help of government agencies are now trying to make arrangements for their return,” said Grebenyuk.

She noticed that the whole story runs from 16 June – that’s when the EBU announced that Switzerland has blocked the money.

“Debt is at 11 cents million francs, but we understand that the arrest imposed on the full amount of the guarantee (EUR 15 million). We now study can at least return the part that is not blocked in the near future. There are four million euros,” – said Grebenyuk.

Grebenyuk said that the EMU has no complaints regarding the holding of “Eurovision” in Ukraine, so the freezing of the money is not associated with the organization of the contest in Kiev.

According to Grebenyuk, the European broadcasting Union, according to the contract, had to return to Ukraine EUR 15 million EUR 30 June.

“In 2016, before the start of “Eurovision”, according to the order of the Cabinet, these funds as a financial guarantee for what the contest will be held properly in Ukraine, was transferred to EMU. The money was transferred to the account of the EMU in the Bank, which he provided. And the funds were there. Until June 30, they are at the disposal of the EMU. And then, when the settlements occurred properly, it all happened without incident, there are no arrears then the EBU in compliance with the contract had to return them at our request. No financial debts to the EBU we have,” explained Grebenyuk.

According to the lawyer, the Ukrainian side next week hopes to find out who exactly seized the money.

Regarding the conjecture about what to freeze the money could Agency Euronews, to which Ukraine owes 11 million Euro, Grebenyuk said.

“We are in Euronews was not addressed. As a lawyer I consider it inappropriate to comment on any speculation. As soon as our Swiss lawyers, we will confirm who it is, then we can comment,” said Grebenyuk.

Recall, rumor has it that the arrest can be associated with the international Agency Euronews, which reaches seven years. In 2010, during Yanukovych had signed a contract in which Committee and the NTU had to invest in the creation of the Ukrainian version of the Agency. In 2014, the agreement was torn and in connection with unfavorable financial conditions, due to the inability to influence the content – after all, journalists of Euronews does not hide his Pro-Russian stance. Now the thing about debt NSTU challenged in the Supreme economic court of Ukraine.

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