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The Russians are not seriously scared of “nuclear” cloud

Россиян не на шутку перепугало «ядерное» облакоIn Network-ridiculed concerns of the Russians.

In the sky above the city of Balakovo, Samara region (Russia) there was a cloud shaped like a “mushroom”, after the explosion of the atomic bomb.

Photos of unusual natural phenomena caused panic. Some users admitted that the Third world war. Also remembered about the crisis surrounding the nuclear program of North Korea.

Россиян не на шутку перепугало «ядерное» облако

However, other users have reassured fellow countrymen. They noticed that if it was a real nuclear explosion, it would be their last comments in social networks.

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At the same time, the head of service of the regional meteorologist Svetlana Svitaylo explained the emergence of “mushroom”, reports “Irinform”.

“We came a cold front from the Samara region and warm from Volgograd. It is important to consider the features of the Balakovo area: this industrial area, there is the Volgograd reservoir, nuclear power station with its huge tanks in which water is present. Another important factor: the temperature does not depend on the Sun — it depends on how warmed up the surface of the Earth. The soil is heated very strongly, the water — on the contrary. There is the contrast. During the collision of different air masses and have these fancy clouds”, she said.

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Россиян не на шутку перепугало «ядерное» облако

According to the forecaster, at the bottom of the cloud temperature is approximately equal to zero, and at the very top… drops to -70 -75 degrees.

It should be noted that “nuclear” cloud observed on 26 June and the residents of Bashkortostan.

Россиян не на шутку перепугало «ядерное» облако

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