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The Russian official was severely beaten by the girls at the bar

В России чиновник жестоко избил девушек в бареOne of the girls he stamped the face with his fist.

The head of Federation of a kickboxing of the Belgorod region Oleg Utenin at night on may 20 staged a riot in one of the pubs of the capital region. He molested three girls, grabbed them by the hair and repeatedly struck.

“I worked as an animator. Out on the dance floor and start your workflow. Throughout the evening highlights conspicuous for their extremely aggressive and inappropriate behavior unknown to me man. Later it turned out that the brawler is the President of Federation of a kickboxing, Oleg Utenin! The so-called Belgorod Pride, that the protection of the pub allowed to harass, insult and beat all of whom not laziness, including the girls”, — quotes the TV channel “360” one of the victims.

According to her, the athlete felt like a king position, since all perturbing its behavior was removed by security. Around 02:00 in the morning she had finished her work and came home, but stayed at the entrance, where he continued to swagger Utenin.

“10 minutes and watched as he swears and fights with the girls on the street. No one stood up for them. Then, seeing that the victim started to shoot what he wanted to hide from the camera in the pub, having dragged behind itself one of the girls. I saw it and rushed to the door. First, I watched as he just insulted her, but then dragged by the hair onto the floor. I will not hesitate rushed to rescue the girl, as among men, men were not found. Gathering all the strength pushed him and Oleg it down. And instantly I got the answer — five-time champion kickboxing kicked me. I was saved only by the fact that I was standing at a sufficient distance from him to kick were not so strong and not in the stomach but at a tangent in the thigh. While the guard was holding me, Utenin punched me with his fist in the face,” said the girl.

Police arrived on the scene, according to the victim, and not thought to stand up for her, moreover, in their eyes, Utenin smashed a beer mug on a man’s head, nastupivshego for girls. In the end he was taken to the police station, but almost immediately released.

Later in the social network was posted Alenina a video message in which he apologizes for incorrect behavior. He also reported that already paid the fine for an administrative offence (against him was drawn up under article 20.1 of the administrative code “Petty hooliganism”).

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