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The Russian government continues to play in the interests of big banks

Российское правительство продолжает играть в интересах крупных банков

The Russian government is offering assistance to businesses, continues to play in the interests of big banks.

In the state Duma in the second reading passed the right bill, which gives the lessee the right to terminate the contract, if the landlord does not make concessions, and refuses to reduce the rent.

Story right, but, as usual, important details.

At the last moment there was an amendment on which the right to terminate received only the small and medium business, working in industries affected by the coronavirus (about 20% of all enterprises).

The bill, which could be really useful in final form pushed through solely in the interests of Kremlin-friendly major banks who are important to the people paid and from what funds it doesn’t matter.

The Kremlin had an opportunity to help the business essential breaks — tax breaks, etc., and major banks to provide cheap money and improve the industry. But the only way now is to start to subsidize a larger network.

It is much harder to organize and, most likely, it will cause another mess to manage (as with the payments to doctors) and will lead to new bankruptcies. So thousands of people remain without work and means of livelihood.

Andrei Pivovarov, the Director of Open Russia


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