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The results of the referendum in Catalonia

Стали известны результаты референдума в КаталонииMore than 90% of the population voted for secession from Spain.

For the independence of Catalonia from Spain voted 90,18% of participants in the region.

The turnout in the referendum amounted to 43,03%, which is nearly 2300000 people.

At the same time, the independence of Catalonia did not support – 7.83% of voters.

Just in Catalonia the right to vote 5.3 million people. The referendum was attended by about half of them.

Earlier the journalist Oksana Andrievsky, which is located in Barcelona, Public broadcast reported that the government of Catalonia may 6 or 7 October to declare independence without the consent of the Spanish authorities.

1 October in Catalonia held a referendum on independence from Spain. It was reported that Spanish police used rubber bullets against supporters of independence of Catalonia.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy refused to call a vote in the Catalonia referendum on self-determination.

The public watched live the events in Catalonia and gathered all the facts about the day of the referendum in the region.

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