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The Prosecutor sought to evict from the house grandma Yashin threatened to destroy the business

Прокуратура потребовала выселить из пансионата бабушку Яшина пригрозив уничтожить бизнес

The Prosecutor’s office demanded from the Director of the Krasnogorsk boarding house to evict the grandmother of the President of the Council of deputies of the Krasnoselsky district of Moscow Ilya Yashin. Earlier in March, at the house of the police came, about a year ago, TV channel Life released a report that opposition politician has surrendered his grandmother in “prison for old people” to take over her apartment.

“A week ago in the boarding house for the elderly, where my grandmother lived, came a police officer. He politely advised the administration to refuse service “this Yashin” to “no problem”. (…) And here problems began – as promised,” wrote Ilya Yashin in Facebook on March 14.

According to him, the assistant of the Krasnogorsk town Prosecutor Julia Krikovtsev called the Director of the boarding house and “straight text said that if my grandmother of Alexander Yashin will not be evicted from the boarding house, “this business is just going to destroy you.” Threatened audits, in particular, promised “to incite the fire and the Rospotrebnadzor”, – said the politician.

On 8 March it was reported that in the boarding house where the grandmother of Alexander D. Yashin, the police came. But not in order to congratulate the elderly woman on the occasion, and to advise the Director of the institution “to bring grandma back to relatives”.

I wrote Yashin in the social network, law enforcement stated that he needs to see the documents. “He sat at the table, asked for some tea and flicked through the paper. Inspected the list of registered guests. “Well you’ve got,’ he said with a smile. – Clean”. And before you go, the administrator explained the real reason of the visit: “Returned to this Yashin back to the family. Why do you need these problems”, – the politician described the incident, calling the verifier, “scum”. The politician linked the persecution of his grandmother with the upcoming elections to the Moscow city Duma.

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My grandmother Yashin took a year ago – in March of 2018 channel Life published about her material, which claimed that the politician “has passed a grandmother in a nursing home”, called “prison for the elderly” to get the opportunity to use her apartment.

Journalists reported that, according to 85-year-old woman, “she copied his Moscow apartment on your favorite grandson.” According to them, when it comes to Yashin, his grandmother D. Alexander said that “he is very bored and wants to come and see her.” “But it’s only a dream – the last time she saw him, when he signed the documents in the apartment, and maybe even earlier”, – stated in the material.

Ilya Yashin called journalists Life freaks and demanded to leave his family alone. According to him, they “with the help of the police broke through with a camera” to his grandmother “gave her a real examination, to publish his false “investigation.” He also said that his older cousin is showing signs of dementia. The decision to have it here in the boarding house for the elderly “has improved her psychological state and to prolong life.”

Beginnings of “life” has continued to Storm online Daily, published February 28, 2019 investigation, which stated that the grandmother Yashin allegedly illegally transferred to a nursing home and registered there on other name and surname. The boarding house thus called the “concentration camp”. The publication cited a single photograph of a woman a year ago, taken from “life”, and the second depicts a grandmother kind of looked like a relative of a politician.

“She now lives under a new name – Nina Andreevna. So it was presented to Oksana, the head of the boarding house. She Yashin also no problem responding to your “alias”. How this was achieved is unknown. Or the name of my grandmother helped to forget senile dementia, or the belief that she is in danger, such as last year’s meeting with the press,” – says the publication.

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It commented on the March 4 broadcast of “Vesti FM” (28 minutes) commentator Ilias Mercouri in an interview with TV and radio presenter Vladimir Solovyov. “When the uproar, what kind of institutions where the elderly are kept in appalling conditions, the nursing home moved,” suggested mercury, – moved and grandmother Yashin, which is carefully hid from the journalists.

March 5, Ilya Yashin posted a YouTube response video, where once again reiterated that his grandmother is in a specialized private nursing home where she receives all necessary care services. An elderly woman suffering from senile dementia and will need skilled care, said the politician. According to him, with other relatives he regularly visits her and brings her fruit and other treats.

“Went in some strange nursing home, photographed the unknown to me an old woman and made her my grandmother. And gave it all under the guise of exposure: Yashin grandmother hid under a false name,” – wrote Yashin in social network “Vkontakte” .

“However, I have no doubt that in the end they find grandma and break her chambers, to make fun of me and my family. Soon after the elections – and he really do not want to I was nominated to the Moscow city Duma, won and continued to ruin his life with the rostrum of the city Parliament, – he complained.


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