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The passenger is suing the airline because of a broken pinky

Пассажир судится с авиакомпанией из‑за сломанного мизинца[b]Australian neurosurgeon says that after his injury he has to spend a lot of money for treatment.[/b]

A neurosurgeon from Australia David Walker filed a lawsuit against Austrian Airlines because of the little finger, a broken folding table.

The doctor flew business class from Brisbane to Manchester via Bangkok and Vienna. The incident occurred on the section of the route from Bangkok to Vienna. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

In his statement, the neurosurgeon noted that the flight attendant brought a table from the armrest to the horizontal position before they serve food. When lunch was completed, none of the crew took the tray and left the table. The surgeon attempted to do it yourself, but pinched his finger. Reportedly, the release of the pinkie he was able only with the help of the son, and even lost consciousness for some time due to severe pain.

[b]see also: Tanzania has arrested a guide that is incorrectly translated.b]

According to the publication, the surgeon broke his finger and injured soft tissue and nail bed. In addition, the doctor is unable to work and depressed. The doctor said that he has already spent and continues to spend significant amounts for treatment, and demanded compensation from the airline. The amount, he said.

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