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The participants of the battle of Ilovaisk put forward demands to the authorities

Участники битвы под Иловайском выдвинули требования к властямAmong the requirements to interview all involved in the operation to free.

The treatment of combatants and their relatives have voiced the commander of the assault battalion group “Donbas” Taras Kostaschuk during the mourning events dedicated to the memory of victims in “Ilovaisky boiler”.

“We appeal to the authorities to all this power. First: we demand to Ilovaisky tragedy has allocated in separate criminal proceedings, and not investigated, as the General crime of the Russian aggression against Ukraine”, – said Kostenchuk.

“Second, to finish this investigation it Ilovaisky tragedy and to bring to trial. The court to interrogate all the witnesses, all the participants, starting with the head of the General staff. Everyone who was involved. And in the court to determine who is guilty who is not guilty, and the degree of guilt”, he added.

“Third: to exonerate the rank and file, who, not having a clear instruction, not knowing what to do, but knowing that Litvin (Lieutenant-General Petro Lytvyn, in 2014, the commander of sector “D”) left their positions… also left massively their positions. It is not desertion. Is the inability and failure of the command, which does not know how and what commands to give. Can’t be massively guilty of innocent soldiers and their commanders. It does not happen. The war is the direct responsibility of the commander for the actions of his followers. The high command – for the actions of its divisions”, – he stressed.

Kostenchuk, stressed that the command should be responsible for planning the Ilovaisk operation and all the events that led to the tragedy.

He expressed outrage that the command was not held accountable, while revealing, was charged with a huge number of private soldiers who “left the position of the border with the Russian Federation and moved”.

Also, Kostenchuk said that the responsibility was not attracted by those who, knowing about the invasion of Russian troops and equipment in Donbass immediately after the military parade in Kiev August 24, 2014 not sent military equipment to the Donbass.

“The fourth requirement. We have already referred (to power) last year and the year before … Officially, at the state level to recognize the 29th of August a Day of remembrance for all those killed in the ATU Ilovaiskaya tragedy in particular,” said Kostenuk.

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