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The organizers of the terrorist attack at the Parliament in 2015 is not installed

Организаторы теракта под Радой в 2015 году не установленыThe emergence of Tyahnybok in the military unit in which he served Gumenyuk recognized as a coincidence.

The investigation has not established the organizers of the terrorist attack at the Parliament building on 31 August 2015, as a result of killing four soldiers of the National guard of Ukraine, said Advisor to the interior Minister, MP Anton Gerashchenko.

“Unfortunately, failed the investigation to establish who advised these guys. They refused to give a confession, he refused to unburden themselves” – quoted Gerashchenko “Interfax-Ukraine”.

He added that the investigation studied the involvement of the leadership of the party “Freedom” the organization of the terrorist act. “But this was not confirmed. Although a few days before these events, Oleg Tyagnibok were in a military unit in which he served the young man threw a grenade, but this was a coincidence,” – said Gerashchenko.

The MP reminded that there are two criminal cases on the events. In the first trial two people, one of whom threw a grenade, and the second was covering for him. The verdict is expected in October, max in November, said Gerashchenko.

The second criminal proceedings are investigated in the article riots, the defendants in the case are more than 10 people, including a number of former MPs from the party “Freedom”, which was charged with violence against police officers.

“Tyagnibok, unlike other of his colleagues were smarter, did not directly Express statements about the need to tear Stroy the police, attack them, but there were others of his party who called for it,” recalled Gerashchenko.

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