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The mysterious death of the former head of “Roscosmos”: new details

Загадочная гибель экс-главы "Роскосмоса": новые подробностиDirector of Roscosmos prior to the murder were transferred in a cell with no surveillance.

A month before the death of the Executive Director of “Roskosmos” Vladimir Evdokimov was transferred from specblock in the General population without surveillance.

“The jail administration has applied for video surveillance equipment, but as long as the camera pose slowly, as allocate funding. In most areas of video surveillance there. And before that he was a special block, it was possible to look beyond them,” – said the member of the Commission for the investigation of the murder of Ivan Melnikov.

As for the inmates Evdokimov, they become accused for the first time. Young people, who are accused of fraud and drug trafficking. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

During the investigation, the inmates Evdokimova settled in different cells, told RBC member of the Commission. According to Melnikov, in the day of the death of Evdokimova interrogations lasted until two in the morning. In addition, he questioned the prison officials.

Inmates Yevdokimov told the public observers, found the body in the toilet.

“The toilet door was locked from the inside. They tried to shout, pulling the door; under it flowed the blood,” Melnikov told their version.

After that, the prisoners called members of the administration, and they called paramedics, who pronounced him dead, said a member of the PMC. Evdokimov lost a lot of blood, “he was pale”, the death of a top Manager of “Roscosmos” has been set “within five to ten minutes” after it managed to break through, said Melnikov.

According to official data Evdokimov do not conflict with the inmates.

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