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The murder of his brother, Kim Jong-UN: there are new details

Убийство брата Ким Чен Ына: появились новые подробностиMalaysia has not requested North Korea not to explore the body of the murdered man.

North Korea celebrates birthday of late leader Kim Jong Il and not a word in the news recalls the death of his eldest son Kim Jong-Nam in Malaysia. But in democratic South Korea, talking about it all.

“The security services of the DPRK have been preparing for this murder”, – says Secretary of the parliamentary intelligence Committee of South Korea’s Kim Ki Bon. Murder at the airport of capital of Malaysia went according to script films about James bond. Kim Jong-Nam was going to get on a plane, he passed a cafe where there are no surveillance cameras. Suddenly a woman threw in his face the handkerchief, and the other whether sprayed his poisonous spray, or injected into the body of the needle. “Security measures at the airport at the highest level. We have everywhere high quality security cameras. This incident is exceptional” – justified by the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Malaysia Zahid Hamidi.

The Ambassador of North Korea in the same night was seen near the morgue. He was forbidden an autopsy, but Malaysia did not agree. “After the police and forensic experts will complete all procedures, we may transfer the body to the relatives or the Embassy,” said Hamidi. Authorities have already arrested 28-year-old citizen of Vietnam who claimed he was sure it was a joke. It seems to be a strange woman with a guy asked for her help. They were also detained. “Kim Jong-UN might decide that Kim Jong-Nam is hindering his plans to retain power for another 20-30 years and give the appropriate order. In addition, the murder could have ordered the North Korean officials who spend all their time in the competition for the manifestation of the highest loyalty to the leader,” suggests the analyst Kim Yong-Hyun.

The Supreme leader, the leader of the party, army and people of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN, his half-brother had never seen in my life. Born actress the eldest son of the leader had to be in his place, but 16 years ago, tried on a false passport to enter Japan, as said, lucky family to Disneyland. Since then, at home, lived in China, traveled to Asia, wrote in social networks and loved to play in the casino. “Kim Jong-Nam had a son from his first wife who lives in Beijing. And in Macau had another family, wife, son, and daughter. Both his family under the protection of the Chinese authorities,” – said the Chairman of the parliamentary intelligence Committee of South Korea, Lee Cheol-Woo.

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