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The most unusual weapons of all time. Photo

Самые необычные виды оружия всех времен. ФотоThere is no limit to human imagination.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. For centuries mankind has found all sorts of evil and deadly ways to survive and stay safe. Of course, everyone knows about the swords, guns and bombs. But actually in the world there are lots of fancy weapons. People have come up with really ingenious ways to kill each other.

1. Soviet dog-kamikaze

Самые необычные виды оружия всех времен. Фото

Dog lovers can skip this paragraph. During the Second world war, Soviet troops had trained their dogs to do all sorts of things. For example, their backs were strapped with explosives and trained to run directly into Nazi tanks. Tanks, of course incapacitate, but the dogs died.

2. German railway gun “Gustav” and “Dora”

Самые необычные виды оружия всех времен. Фото

Hitler desperately wanted to conquer France. However, the only way to do that was to go through the Maginot line, the French system of fortifications on the border with Germany and Italy. To crack the French defenses, the Germans built the world’s largest cannon “Gustav” and “Douro”. They weighed 1 344 tons each and moved only on railway platforms. However, the weapon was very inaccurate and ineffective.

3. Madu

Самые необычные виды оружия всех времен. Фото

Madu is an ancient weapon of India. Although it may look like a hell of a Frisbee, it’s actually had combat shield, to which was attached the blades from the horns of antelope. The people who used it were usually down low to the ground to protect the important parts of the body, and then counterattacked blades when given the opportunity.

4. A spear of flame

Самые необычные виды оружия всех времен. Фото

The Chinese first developed the ancient variety of firearms under the name “fire spear.” In the tenth century, they invented the weapon, which with the help of simple fireworks were shot with poison or shot from close range just few meters. This was a popular and cheap weapon among the peasants, who used it to protect their villages.

5. The Vespa 150 TAP

Самые необычные виды оружия всех времен. Фото

This scooter looks like a child built it for playing with toy soldiers. In fact, the Vespa 150 TAP was developed by the French military to fight guerrilla forces in Algeria in the 1950-ies. Scooters, armed with recoilless rifles, M-20, dropped on the battlefield via parachute.

6. Mouse bombs

Самые необычные виды оружия всех времен. Фото

Although the “Bat Bomb” may sound like a weapon that could use Batman, actually it was a project during the Second world war. The canister planted bats attached to their little bodies with incendiary bombs, then the bombs-cans had to drop over Japanese cities. Bats would be scattered throughout the city, and soon the bombs would be detonated, burning everything around. Although the tests were successful, the project folded because all resources were diverted to the development of the atomic bomb.

7. Body

Самые необычные виды оружия всех времен. Фото

For many years gun “On” has undergone many changes. Unlike machine guns, the bodies were not automatic and could shoot only one bullet from each barrel. The most popular model was the “Duck Foot Pistol”, so named because he looked like the paw of a duck.

8. Hypersonic missiles

Самые необычные виды оружия всех времен. Фото

Today the fastest missile in the world can reach speeds of Mach 3, but Russia, China and the United States develop hypersonic missiles that can reach speeds of Mach 5-10 (some of them can accelerate to 32186 km/h). At these speeds hypersonic missiles simply can’t be detected by missile defense systems.

9. Metal storm

Самые необычные виды оружия всех времен. Фото

Some guns can shoot with a frequency of 1000 rounds per minute. Now it is necessary to imagine a machine gun that can fire 1000 times faster. Metal Storm was designed by an Australian company of the same name and is somewhat reminiscent of the organ, which were discussed above. It can produce up to 1,000,000 rounds per minute.

10. System laser weapon

Самые необычные виды оружия всех времен. Фото

“Star wars” is getting closer to reality. In 2014, the US Navy installed its first laser system on the ship. Using powerful concentrated infrared rays, the system is able to shoot down unmanned aerial vehicles or working on ships.

11. Smart bullets

Самые необычные виды оружия всех времен. Фото

Everyone has heard about the laser missiles, but few people know that there are laser bullets or “smart bullet”. They use the same principles and technology as the rockets and always hit the target even if the weapon is in the hands of a complete novice. The control system in real time inside the bullet can correct its trajectory during flight.

12. Led detectors

Самые необычные виды оружия всех времен. Фото

Designed for non-violent use led “incapacitator” emits bright pulses of light to disorient people. However, this is no ordinary flashlight. Quick change of colors and light intensity has the ability to blind a person and cause him vomit.


Самые необычные виды оружия всех времен. Фото

CROWS or Common Remoteed Operated Weapons Station (armed station on the remote control) is the future of martial arts. Like aerial unmanned aerial vehicles, these small vehicles are controlled remotely and provide many features, including mine clearance, reconnaissance and extortion of the enemy.

14. Robotic animals

Самые необычные виды оружия всех времен. Фото

Robotic technology is developing at a slow but steady pace. Looks like Boston Dynamics wants to change that. In recent years the company has developed all kinds of robots, like animals, most of which help in the military. For example, a robot similar to the cow helps to carry large loads and can easily move over rough and mountainous terrain. The company has also developed robots, like dogs and cheetahs.

15. The Phasr Rifle

Самые необычные виды оружия всех времен. Фото

Welcome to the future. The Phasr rifle is a military non-lethal weapons designed to temporarily blind targets green pulsed laser. While this weapon has created in the past, Phasr is characterized in that it blinds the victim forever.

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