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The most unusual tanks of the twentieth century. Photo

Наиболее необычные танки ХХ века. ФотоThey tried to get ahead of time.

The appearance of tanks on the battlefield, changed the face of war forever. Throughout the XX century, tanks were perhaps the main striking force of any army. Even in the XXI with the growing importance of aviation, missile and UAV the importance of tanks on the battlefield remains extremely high. Today the new tanks do not appear too often. But in the twentieth century, designers have been experimenting in all in this area.

1. The “object 279”

Наиболее необычные танки ХХ века. Фото

This tank is similar to a flying saucer was developed in 1957. The tank was experimental and for 20 years had no analogues in the world. The main feature of the tank was that due to the specific shape of his body, he could withstand almost any armor-piercing shell. He also was armed with 130-mm gun, able to cope with the booking of most of the existing at that time tanks. From a conceptual tank also had four tracks, instead of the usual two.

2. Chrysler TV-8

Наиболее необычные танки ХХ века. Фото

This is quite ridiculous to view American tank designed in the mid 50-ies of the last century, could become a very formidable weapon. Idea TV-8 was truly outstanding! The secret is that this model is a tank-submarine, able to swim and even dive under water for some time. The implication was that the floating tank will be able to cross any water barriers and maintain the effectiveness of the fire during the voyage. The tank as it was planned instead of the usual diesel engine, to put a small nuclear reactor!

3. Development CT

Наиболее необычные танки ХХ века. Фото

In the first half of the twentieth century, engineers tried to create not only tanks floating, but flying. For example, in the Soviet Union was a project called “Development of CT”. In the framework of the project it was assumed that light tank t-60 will be attached 30-foot wings, capable of lifting him into the air! However, this did not make the tank in attack. The wings wanted to use only for transport by air. Moreover, the tank on the wings would have to be coupled with bomber BT-3. The project was closed after the test, because due to excessive load at BT-3 began to overheat the engines.

4. A Modified T-34

Наиболее необычные танки ХХ века. Фото

From time to time, Soviet designers were resorted to improbable and even crazy ideas! For example, there is a very funny modification of T-34 tank, which was going to put block armor from (attention!) concrete. Of course, the tank was very heavy, lost a significant amount of performance and the project was abandoned.

5. Churchill crocodile

Наиболее необычные танки ХХ века. Фото

The unique flamethrower tank, which is really been used in military conflicts. However, this model was one of the most successful. As a weapon the tank was a huge flamethrower. Fuel for it was enough for 80 one-second shots.

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