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The most striking trends of the current summer. Photo

Самые яркие тренды текущего лета. Фото7 fashion trends this summer.

To the hot summer a few days left. It’s a great excuse to go shopping and update your wardrobe. After all, every girl wants to be the most stylish. But in the modern world, with its bustle and rapid pace of life, it is difficult to keep track of all the trends. Therefore, we have gathered for you the most fashionable trends this summer that you have always looked great.

Pink color

Самые яркие тренды текущего лета. Фото

The main hit of summer 2017 is the color pink in all its variations: from delicate purple to bright fuchsia. Here is where carousing all lovers of Barbie. You can safely buy a huge number of bright girls ‘ dresses for themselves and daughters and their nieces. We assure, you will look gorgeous and very fashionable!

The return of the 80s

Самые яркие тренды текущего лета. Фото

As you know, fashion is cyclical. This summer the 80s is back on the streets of big cities. Huge shoulders, flounces, ruffles, glitter, massive accessories are very popular. Boring rules of color combinations (not more than three in one set)! This summer you can mix anything. Most importantly, know when to stop.

Floral print

Самые яркие тренды текущего лета. Фото

Of course, in summer floral print are always popular. But this year, he occupies a special place. Fans of vegetable print, rejoice! Such an abundance of all kinds of roses, filacek and other plants on the clothes was not very long ago. It does not matter whether patterns of small wild flowers or large Gypsy fuchsia. Importantly, it was a lot!

Fashionable strip

Самые яркие тренды текущего лета. Фото

Striped long won the love of fashionistas around the world. This summer, a very popular strip of bright colors – yellow, blue, red, green. The brighter, the better. As for the size, the strips also complete freedom: narrow, wide, vertical, horizontal Yes, even diagonal! She’s at the peak of popularity in all its manifestations. This summer stripe can be any thing from clothes: skirt, sundress, slacks, short dresses or evening – you choose. But it is important to remember that horizontal stripes can be reconstructed, so these models should be selected very carefully.

Jeans with decorated edges

Самые яркие тренды текущего лета. Фото

After several seasons, the fashion was boyfriend jeans, it seemed, nothing new to invent impossible. But no! Georgian designer Demna Gvasalia, the new creative Director of Balenciaga, presented a new model – classic jeans blue straight cut with raw edges. Just a few months this model has become very popular. Fashionistas of the planet storm the stores in search of trendy things.

Logos and slogans

Самые яркие тренды текущего лета. Фото

Various labels and logos on clothing from time to time present at the fashion shows. Recently, this trend was even considered very tasteless. But time flies and fashion comes back again. This summer, a very fashionable white and black t-shirts with different inscriptions contrasting colors.

White transparent dress.

Самые яркие тренды текущего лета. Фото

In summer, white color, as always, popular. What could be better than a lightweight white dress on a hot hot day. And if this dress is still slightly transparent, and it does hit all the fashion trends.

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