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The most safe business

Самый безопасный бизнес

If you still decide when to do business, then in any case not related to theater. There is very dangerous. Ordered some stool for posing without a tender and be kind — a criminal case with the presenting damage in 380 rubles, and in a year the figure will grow to 80 million rubles, and have you lead the whole gang.

In investment activity is also a foot! There are at least 25 years with an American passport to invest in Russia, the President will be with you handshake, and then disdain to honor the request of some rascal of friends with influence in the FSB and already under arrest for the theft of 2.5 billion rubles.

If you dare, in business go, it is only where the rockets do. First, it is strictly confidential and nobody’s nose will not stick. No investigator from the UK or the field investigator of FSB will not come close. Make a contract with China for $ 1.3 billion, money to earn and in what does not deny.

Then tell it that’s what an unfortunate story with these missiles. They loaded them on the ship, but whether the movers tied them to the deck securely, whether the rope was rotten. And in the middle of the ocean, near the island of Buyan, passed over a wave and washed away all! Here and there are witnesses. Two octopus saw these rockets past them in the deep water he sank. Can occasionally and in writing to testify. So the investigation was not even conducted.

And damage by the standards of the state Corporation is not that big. Multiply 1.3 billion at the current exchange rate and get some measly 100 billion rubles. The state will allocate, and with China we agreed that they’d wait for the new do. Yes, and that homicide is, even the journalists asked about how octopuses have determined that this missile to China? Maybe past them ingots of iron to a depth of proceeded.

In General, good business, secure on the part of the prosecution. But perhaps anyone will not be accepted.

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