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The most interesting sights of Cuba. Photo

Самые интересные достопримечательности Кубы. ФотоHere is something to see.

Cuba is the largest Caribbean island and is located approximately 160 km from the southernmost point of Florida in the United States. The island is open to travelers from around the world seeking to explore its rich culture and history. Cuba is renowned for its legendary cigars, vintage American cars, stunning beaches, not to mention several rum factories. There really are lots of things to offer visitors. Choosing the main attractions of Cuba, trying to cover both rural and urban areas. The trip will include Havana, but it is not necessary to exclude the incredible landscape and culture of the island.

Самые интересные достопримечательности Кубы. Фото

Jardines del Rey

To the North of the island is an archipelago of Jardines del Rey, Cuba is associated with network bridges. Jardines del Rey or Gardens of the King – a chain of Islands, including Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo, Cayo paredon the Grande and Cayo Romano. The Islands were popular among international tourists up until the 1990s, when there was built the first hotel. Even today, many visitors come for the fact that the archipelago is still largely to be developed. Playa Pilar on Cayo Coco is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches of Cuba, along which there are many resorts with all-inclusive.

Самые интересные достопримечательности Кубы. Фото

Maria La Gorda

On the far Western tip of Cuba sits the small town of Maria La Gorda. At that time, as there’s no tourist infrastructure or large attractions, the city still attracts plenty of visitors. This is not surprising because Maria La Gorda – one of the main areas for diving in the Caribbean. If you love scuba, you can choose this city as the place for a holiday. Marine flora and fauna is very rich and regular diving trips start right from the Marina. Many visitors choose a full-service package that combines lodging, meals and diving. If you do not want to scuba dive – you can just snorkel along coral reefs.

Самые интересные достопримечательности Кубы. Фото


At that time, Havana is the modern capital of Cuba, it has not always been the center of Cuban policy. Baracoa is sometimes called the First City as the first capital of the island. Baracoa was founded in the early 16th century by the famous Explorer Diego velázquez, and retains much of its colonial architecture to this day. The Nuestra Señora de La Asuncion is just one example of stunning architecture, which is definitely worth seeing. Baracoa is also the perfect launching pad for visiting El.. This mountain offers a picturesque view of the city, where visitors can explore the lush green environment of this rain forest is just 30 minutes from the beach.

Самые интересные достопримечательности Кубы. Фото

Largo del sur

Cayo Largo del sur, also known as Cayo Largo is a small island off the coast of Cuba. If you came to Cuba for the magnificent empty beaches, it makes sense to choose as the resort island of Cayo Largo. The biggest and most popular beach on the island is Playa Sirena. This is a great place to sit on the warm sand and absorb the sun’s energy. Popular activities in Cayo Largo include swimming, diving, surfing and kayaking. Marina center of the island, where is located the breathtaking sea turtle hatchery with regular tours for visitors.

Самые интересные достопримечательности Кубы. Фото


Cienfuegos is a city on Cuba, which is totally different from other Cuban cities. Since it was founded by the French, and not Spanish, there is a unique atmosphere. The city is known as La Perla del sur or Pearl of the South. For lovers of modern architecture of the mid last century will be of interest to the Peninsula Punta Gorda. There is still preserved the many houses of the time of the 1950s, many of which are in excellent condition. The centre of Cienfuegos Pueblo Nuevo, where you can visit the Museum of history, lunch at an outdoor cafe, or take lessons in Spanish and French.

Самые интересные достопримечательности Кубы. Фото

Santiago de Cuba

Located in the Eastern part of the island, Santiago de Cuba – coastal city with a fascinating colonial history. Santiago de Cuba was founded in the 16th century by the Spaniards, and is known as the Second City of Cuba. The heart of the city is the Cespedes Park, Central square, surrounded by many historic Spanish colonial houses. In more recent history the area was the place where Fidel Castro announced the success of the revolution in 1959. You can also explore Castillo San Pedro de La ROCA fortress of the 17th century with views of the Bay.

Самые интересные достопримечательности Кубы. Фото


On the short drive from Havana is Varadero, a popular beach resort in Cuba on the Peninsula of Hicacos. Kilometers of the coast allows you to enjoy the infinite views of the Atlantic ocean and the white sandy beaches and blue warm water create an atmosphere of heaven on earth. But beautiful beaches are not the only attraction in Varadero. There are many other interesting places. Josone – a beautiful Park with Botanical gardens, lakes, fountains, lush flora and fauna, bridges, not to mention the street musicians, vendors and even camel rides for children. It is also worth to explore the caves of Bellamar, a vast network which is open to visitors for more than 150 years.

Самые интересные достопримечательности Кубы. Фото


Cuba has several national parks, but none of them compare to the beauty of the Park of viñales Valley. Viñales is really stunning direction, which was a favorite place of Fidel Castro on the island. The valley is surrounded by mountains which are still growing tobacco for the production of the legendary Cuban cigars, and the countless caves add an extra dose of adventure for the intrepid traveler. One of the most popular caves – Cuevas del Indio, or Indian Cave, where you can book a tour by boat through the network of underwater rivers.

Самые интересные достопримечательности Кубы. Фото


For lovers of history and architecture will be of interest Trinidad the gorgeous Cuban city. Heart of Trinidad is the Plaza Mayor, the main square with the neo-Baroque buildings. Near the square is the colonial convent that now houses the Museum of the war Against the Bandits, or Beam contra Bandidos. After the study of the Museum go up from Plaza Mayor, directly to the shop. Popular Handicrafts include traditional tablecloths and napkins. Among breathtaking structures in Trinidad – Palacio Brunet, which today houses the Museum of Romanticism. Be sure to visit it to admire the fantastic art collection of 19th century Antiques.

Самые интересные достопримечательности Кубы. Фото


It is not surprising that we finish your photo-journey through Cuba with Havana. As the Cuban capital and main transport hub, the city greets each of tourists visit the island. Most of them stay here for a few days exploring the sights of Havana. This extraordinary cosmopolitan city known for its exciting nightlife, but during the day there can be a great time. Start your trip to Havana Vieja, or Old town, where there is a unique interweaving of colonial buildings and colourful structures of the mid-century. Don’t leave Havana without buying the cigars that are rolled by hand by a small factory. Also taste some local rum, and then mingle with the locals along the Malecon right along the coast.

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