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The most famous pair of lovers from France. Photo

Самые известные влюбленные пары из Франции. ФотоOh, these French!

France has a reputation as the most romantic country, cultivating LAMOUR. But as far as the romance goes well with life? 10 reference couples prove that love bond’s most famous lovers are not necessarily strong.

1. Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Самые известные влюбленные пары из Франции. Фото

In 1770 the 14-year-old Archduchess Maria Antonia was married for political reasons. But the husband, a year younger bride of a teenager who paid more attention to collecting clocks than my wife. However, Marie Antoinette was patiently waiting in the wings. In the future, it was a strong relationship, they are not shaken nor the whimsical tastes of the French Queen, nor her appetite for entertainment. Marie Antoinette remained with her husband until the end, he ascended to guillotine during the French revolution in 1793

2. Josephine and Napoleon Bonaparte

Самые известные влюбленные пары из Франции. Фото

Josephine became the mistress of Napoleon in 1795, his marriage to a widow with two children French light received with murmurs. But Napoleon was adamant. Preserved letters to his wife show about how he needed her, thought the best and most expensive friend. Unfortunately Josephine could not give an heir, and the Emperor was forced to divorce. After separation Napoleon insisted that the Imperial title was Josephine.

3. Charles and Yvonne de Gaulle

Самые известные влюбленные пары из Франции. Фото

When Yvonne met the handsome Charles, she stated categorically – “or”. The young couple were married April 27, 1921, When Charles de Gaulle defied Pétain collaborator F., France surrendered to Nazi Germany, Yvonne has supported her husband. Her support was constant: and in exile, where General established resistance army “Free France”, and later, during government crises. The first Lady of France assumed the presidency temporarily, but family is forever.

4. Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre

Самые известные влюбленные пары из Франции. Фото

The idyll of an intellectual-feminists Simone de Beauvoir and philosopher-existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre began in 1929 and lasted 51 years. They did not divide life, preferring the freedom. They did not have children. It was a partnership based on an inspiring personal and creative communication.

5. Edith Piaf and Marcel Serdan

Самые известные влюбленные пары из Франции. Фото

Edith Piaf met famous and influential Marcel Cerdan in the summer of 1949 a Stormy relationship with the world Boxing champion lasted about a year, until his death in a plane crash. And, despite the fact that, having gone through loss, Edith married twice and wound up many an affair, her love for Marcel was the strongest.

6. Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin

Самые известные влюбленные пары из Франции. Фото

The provocative song “Je t’aime … Moi Non Plus” (“I love you … me neither”) the pair recorded in 1969 it was Rumored that the calling frankness songs condemned by the Vatican and banned in some countries, has emerged thanks to the bold experiment of Serge to make a record in the process with his girlfriend Jane Birkin. They met only a couple of months ago on the set, and will be together for the next 12 years. In 1971, they have a daughter. But the couple broke up for different reasons. On the one hand, alcohol, which was abused by Serge. On the other – Jacques Guyon, who became the second husband of Jane, but life with him never happened. Jacques will blame Jane for what is between them, the Ghost of Serge, and endlessly modify. And Jane would blame himself for what Serge died so early.

7. Ariel Dombasle and Bernard-Henri levy

Самые известные влюбленные пары из Франции. Фото

A humorous nickname for this pair in the French press – “beauty and brain”. Ariel Dombasle – femme fatale, the singer and actress – literally ignited the stage when he first saw Bernard-Henri levy. Their whirlwind romance led to marriage in 1993, Despite the gossip about infidelities that have plagued the couple, they continue to demonstrate love and loyalty to each other.

8. Bernadette and Jacques Chirac

Самые известные влюбленные пары из Франции. Фото
Самые известные влюбленные пары из Франции. Фото

Bernadette met her husband at the prestigious Paris Institute of political Sciences remained with him throughout the political and life’s vicissitudes. The French press didn’t like Bernadette, I found her unattractive, laughing at the nervous clatter of the old-fashioned clasp handbags. But this woman is not so weak to succumb to ridicule. Bernadette was able to forgive her husband’s infidelity, which lasted years, was assisted in his presidential election, began his own political career. The couple raised two daughters and a foster girl from Vietnam. Today, the former President suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. His wife is caring for him and continues to be an active politician.

9. Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni

Самые известные влюбленные пары из Франции. Фото

Nicolas Srakozi met top model Carla Bruni soon after the divorce. He was so confident that he offered her his hand and heart after a few months of meetings. Karl accepted the offer. However, their marriage took skeptical, and few believed he would last more than one presidential term.

10. Valerie trierweiler and President Francois Hollande

Самые известные влюбленные пары из Франции. Фото

Valerie trierweiler, the French press called the “First lady” of France, because at the time of the election of Francois President, their relationship has not been formalized. Hollande has never been married. All of his marriages were civil.

It was soon discovered that Francois is in love with the actress Julie gayet. Valerie took revenge on a former lover, published a book about their intimate relationships. François survived this scandal and now, as he says himself, is fully committed to France, however… continues to meet with Julie.

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