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The most famous adventurer of history. Photo

Самые знаменитые авантюристки в истории. ФотоThey could not live without adventures.

In the old days a woman’s place in society and her behavior was strictly regulated. Most women obeyed routinely, however, were those who broke the rules, and deliberately went for the adventure. About women possessing an insatiable thirst for adventure, later in the review.

Eleanor of Aquitaine: the Journey to the Holy Land

Самые знаменитые авантюристки в истории. Фото

Eleanor (Alienor) of Aquitaine is a legendary person. This woman was the heir to the Duchy of Aquitaine and Queen of the two kingdoms of England and France.

Eleanor was a strong and independent woman, but most of all she shocked the public when she was going with her husband the king of France Louis VII on a Crusade. The conditions on the road were far from the comfort of the castle, why the respect for the Queen only grew. While in Antioch, Eleanor of Aquitaine stayed with his uncle. According to some reports she was caught up in the romance. Anyway home the couple returned separately.

Самые знаменитые авантюристки в истории. Фото

A bit later Eleanor had divorced the king of France and married Henry II Plantagenet, who later became king of England.

Zheng Shi – the leader of the pirates

Самые знаменитые авантюристки в истории. Фото

In the early 1800-ies in the South China sea a real threat to merchant ships represented a pirate fleet, which was commanded by a woman named Zheng Shi. Under her command were more than 1500 ships.

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According to historical records, Zheng Shi was a prostitute, she then charmed the captain of a pirate ship Zheng And married him. When her husband died, Zheng Shi took the reins into their own hands and managed to unite thousands of other pirates.

Самые знаменитые авантюристки в истории. Фото

The command of Zheng Shi was brutal. If one of her subordinates had begun the attack without permission, he was beheaded. Rape of women prisoners on the ship were also punishable by death.

In 1809, the Chinese government, with the assistance of the Portuguese and British tried to kill Zheng Shi, but to no avail. The woman realized that her leadership will end soon, and agreed with the authorities Amnesty for her and members of her team. Their days Zheng Shi finished on the land, managing a network of brothels and casinos.

Manuela Saenz – desperate redhead

Самые знаменитые авантюристки в истории. Фото

Saenz Manuela was the illegitimate daughter of a nobleman, so she was sent to a convent. Then she married a respectable Englishman, but to become an exemplary wife to her failed. When Manuel met with the revolutionary Simon Bolivar, she immediately ran away from her husband and joined the rebels.

Manuela called a master of espionage. She could get noticed wherever you go, men dressed in suit and with a mustache. In 26 years, the revolutionary was promoted to the rank of General of the militia. She became the lover of Simon Bolivar and twice saved his life. Revolutionary, called it Libertadora del Libertador (“the liberator of the liberator”).

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After the dream of a United South America collapsed, and Bolivar did not, Manuela Saenz tried to take her own life like Cleopatra, from the bite of a snake. But the woman survived. In recent years the woman earned the bread trade.

Esther Stanhope: “Queen of the desert” and archaeologist

Самые знаменитые авантюристки в истории. Фото

Esther Stanhope – the aristocrat from England went to the middle East in search of adventure. This lady has survived a shipwreck, was wearing Turkish men’s clothing, rode on horseback through the desert, tied diplomatic relations with the emirs, sultans and sheikhs.

In 1815 Esther Stanhope organized the first archaeological expedition to the Holy Land, namely the lost city of Ashkelon. Contemporaries called Esther Stanhope, the “Queen of the desert”.

Lilian bland – “flying feminist”

Самые знаменитые авантюристки в истории. Фото

Lillian bland was called “the flying feminist”. The girl led a very active lifestyle: she wore men’s clothes, Smoking, swearing, and worked as a reporter. One day someone in her presence smiled that women and technology are not compatible. For Lillian it was a challenge. In 1910 the girl personally designed airplane, lifted him into the air and flew as many as 27 meters.

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