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The mayor’s office will purchase granite curbs another 16 billion rubles

Мэрия Москвы закупит гранитные бордюры еще на 16 миллиардов рублей

The mayor’s office in the midst of a pandemic coronavirus managed to sign contracts or to declare a tender for the replacement tiles, asphalt, lawns, purchase concrete curbs not less than 20.5 billion rubles, but it is not going to stop there. The journalist of “Medusa” Ivan Golunov found in the schedule of procurement of GBU “highways” for the current year, five tenders for the purchase of granite curbs on 16,057 billion.

According to estimates Golunova, this amount, on the basis of the purchase price on contracts last year, you can buy 2559 kilometers of granite curbs. If the same principle to convert a contract for concrete curbs, the municipality buys another 1181 kilometer concrete curbs. Thus, the new contracts would theoretically replace almost a quarter of the borders in Moscow, concludes the journalist.

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A source in the Moscow mayor’s office familiar with the plans of the state motor roads, explained that the city authorities, signing three-year contracts for the purchase of borders, save budget money and support manufacturers of building materials.

“People the wrong way. We first announced the purchase of curbs – concrete and granite – just three years until 2022. Now the global economic crisis, prices will rise, and we fix them at the level of 2020 and give businesses a clear work plan in this difficult time,” he said.

The main suppliers of granite curbs for Moscow in 2018-2019 was OOO “Trading house “Spetsplast”” and LLC “Bashkir stone”, for both GBU “roads” – only customer. The first company over the past two years received eight tenders for 6.2 billion rubles, the second – 11 tenders for 6.4 billion.

On the website Change.org continues to gain signatures a petition for the abolition this year of works on an accomplishment of Moscow, not related to the provision of city life and its inhabitants. Instead of shifting tiles and borders require money to spent on anti-crisis support to citizens, small and medium urban businesses.

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