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The major markets of Kiev can be sold out

Крупнейшие рынки Киева могут быть распроданыThe justification of the draft decision of the Kiev city Council indicated that the previous authorized capitals markets was not approved by the city Council that contradicts the current legislation.

Capital markets, which have become a visiting card of Kiev: Pechersk, Vladimir, zhitniy, – can “sail” from the list of communal property. On the official website of the Kyiv city Council a draft decision on the definition of a new authorized capital in these markets, prompting experts to assume that they are preparing for transfer to private hands.

In fact, the document contains only one sentence: to change the authorized capital marketplaces. For “the metro” it is proposed to install in order 335,3 million UAH. for Vladimir market – 17,3 mln. for rye – UAH 21.7 million. These figures are the authors of the document supported by the assessment of property markets. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Say, “Bessarabka” 335 mln. is the building itself a market – a monument of architecture and urban planning with an area of 9.7 thousand square meters.

At the Vladimir market, the main building has an area of almost 7 thousand square meters, was estimated at 16 mln. Luggage storage (about 100 sqm) is 83,4 ths. vegetable area (more than 2 thousand sq. m) – 530,5 ths. and the ware Playground (5 m) – 230 thousand UAH. etc.

In the Zhitny market main and only property – market building at 15.6 thousand square meters, which deputies estimated nearly 21.7 million UAH.

The justification of the draft decision stated that the previous authorized capitals markets was not approved by the city Council that contradicts the current legislation.

In accordance with the Charter of the Bessarabian market from 2012, the authorized capital of the company amounted to slightly more than 1.9 million UAH. That is, it is proposed to increase to 176 times.

Similar situation with the Vladimir market. In the Charter, dated 2009, the capital is about 3.9 mln. This is four times less than those prescribed in the new draft decision of the city Council.

In the Zhitny market share capital – 5,7 mln. that is 3.5 times less than the figures suggested.

At first glance, no hidden meaning in the desire of deputies to count Charter capital no.

“Nothing wrong with the draft decision, I do not see. Most likely, the initiators follow the recommendations of international auditors who work on improving the investment attractiveness of the municipal enterprises in the framework of this task, try to “tighten” their value to real market prices,” explained UBR managing Director of ARPA Real Estate Michael Artyukhov.

At the same time, other experts say that valuation of assets in markets is clearly too low.

“For example, the premises of the Vladimir market estimated from the calculation of 2,3 thousand UAH./sq m, is less than $100. The real value of similar properties in the area exceeds $1 thousand/sq. m” – estimated by one expert of the real estate market, who asked not to be identified.

For GetName market, the situation is even more interesting. Room in the heart of Podol, the deputies appreciated less than 1,4 thousand UAH./sq. m. Its real value, according to realtors, above, at least 20 times.

“Bessarabka”, according to the draft decision, is 34.5 thousand UAH./sqm Market value, experts say, could be higher, at least 10 times.

The draft stated that was taken into account the residual carrying value of the objects recorded in August 2016.
However, some experts do not exclude that MPs conducting the “pre-training” chief of the Kiev markets, and in the future they can put up for privatization. And admit that their pennies can get close to the government people or the deputies themselves.

Part of the markets of Kiev came from the authorities already control.

For example, “the head” at the time, got the ex-mayor of Skvira (Kyiv region) and current President of the AIC “Skvyra” Ivan Suslov. The market “Solomensky” holding firm “Garant”, in which the founders listed Dumcheva Valentine, the mother of the candidate in mayors of the capital Sergei Dumcheva.

To “Petrovka” hosted by the former Deputy Minister of ecology and natural resources of Ukraine Igor Vildman and the Wallpaper market in the District – firm “STS”, the ultimate beneficiary of which is the former head of the city Council of entrepreneurs on trade issues and former member of the regional Council of entrepreneurs in Kyiv city state administration Vitaliy Kostenko.

Not just in the center of the scandal was and while the communal Bessarabia, zhitniy and Vladimir markets. For example, at one time, the city government changed the entire leadership of Vladimir, by appointing his “looking” Yuri Melnik, who is considered a person Lyovochkin and Firtash.

Experts 2014 suspected that preparations are underway for the deprivation of the utility status, and transferring them into concession. And in may last year, a special working group, after checking the Bessarabka, Vladimir and zhitniy, the verdict – they work inefficiently.

For example, according to the Department of communal ownership of KSCA, net profit Bessarabsky market for 9 months of 2016 amounted to 1.8 mln. Officials believe that it’s just a penny for a trading platform at this level. Zhitniy market following the results of work in January-August last year showed a loss of more than 500 thousand UAH.

Therefore, concluded the government, markets need of reorganization, and, perhaps, in the transfer to external management. And it is not excluded that the new “Manager” will give all three of the trading platform immediately.

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