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The main tourist locations of Ukraine

Названы главные туристические локации УкраиныAmerican experts suggest to visit Ukraine.

The famous American newspaper the Washington Post called the main tourist locations of Ukraine. The leaders were, according to experts, Kyiv and Lviv.

“Kiev is one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe (legend has it that it was founded in the fifth century) with a population of 2.9 million people. Here there are fine churches and ancient architecture and rich history,” say the authors.

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One of the main locations of the city, the authors called Central Market square, teeming with various institutions and museums.

“Here you can admire the colourful buildings, cafes, shops and restaurants,” said they.

As one of the highlights of the experts called Lviv café, because in this city were once invented a recipe coffee, known today as “Vienna”.

To interesting places also, the authors attributed the book market under the open sky.

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