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The main Church in Istanbul, want to do free for visits

Temple want to make it a mosque.

One of the main attractions of Istanbul can once again become free to visit. President of Turkey proposed to change the status of Hagia Sophia.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has proposed to return the Hagia Sophia, the status of the mosque. At the moment it is a Museum. According to the Turkish Chapter, after such changes, the entrance to the Cathedral is free for visitors of any religion.

Hagia Sophia is an outstanding monument of Byzantine architecture of the sixth century. During the Byzantine Empire, the Cathedral was in the center of Constantinople. For over thousands of years it was considered the largest Church in the Christian world. In 1453, after the capture of Constantinople by the Turks, St. Sophia Cathedral became a mosque. In 1935 he was awarded the status of a Museum. In 1985, the Council, together with other monuments of the historic centre of Istanbul, included in the UNESCO world heritage site. Currently, the Museum is located in Sultanahmet district. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Saint Sophia Cathedral amazes tourists with its size. Its length is 81 meters, width of 72 meters and a height of 56 meters. The interior is illuminated thanks to the located in the dome 40 Windows. Gaze of visitors in the Cathedral presents the historical mosaic and porphyry columns, and other unique decorations, including frescoes and elements of the Muslim decoration. The Hagia Sophia Museum until April 15 operates according to the winter schedule, from 09.00 to 17.00. Then visit the attraction will be from 09.00 to 19.00. The entrance fee is 60 Turkish Lira (about 10 euros).

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