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The journalists found out who paid Alice VOX for a song about the protesters students

A few days ago, ex-member of the group “Leningrad” Alisa VOX declared itself. Though not very successfully. The actress took another solo clip for the song “Baby”, dedicated to the March rallies of the political opposition. Rather, their youngest participants. In the video Alice appears in the image of a teacher who sings, standing at the school Board.

The video made fun of inept propaganda. Viewers felt that the song Alisa VOX openly praises the current government, and called the clip “the order of the Kremlin”.

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Alisa VOX said that she “wrote the song is not about politics,” but the TV channel “Rain” managed to find out who is really behind the video for “Baby.”

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“Rain”, citing sources close to the Kremlin, said that the song about school ordered a former employee of the presidential administration Nikita Ivanov. He invented the concept of the song and video, and whether it was personally his own or someone he gave the order — not yet known. For the song and the video shoot team Alice received 2 million rubles.

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Recall, attitude to the new work, Alice was expressed by Sergey Shnurov, the former boss of Alice.

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