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The inhabitant of China has devised a novel way to get rid of the drunk “ducky”

Житель Китая изобрел оригинальный способ избавиться от пьяного «душка»A resident of China decided that I invented a new way of reducing the number of ppm in the blood.

In China stopped by the traffic police caught on video the moment began to eat the roadside grass, after he was asked to blow into the breathalyzer.

The man was detained on a road in Yiwu city in Zhejiang province in the East of the country. He stopped a few meters in front of the police post, left the car and tried to escape by climbing up a roadside slope, reports the Daily Mail.

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The driver smelled strongly of alcohol, and police asked him “to breathe into a tube”. Instead, the man began to pull out of the ground tufts of grass and eat them.

At the same time he claimed that he was not drunk. The man also demanded that the police communicate with him to give him your badge number through social networks, as it is allegedly unable to remember it.

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Driver was sent to hospital, where he still had to pass alcohol test, which showed that the level of alcohol in the blood of men exceeds the rate of about two times.

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