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The iconic weapon of the twentieth century. Photo

Самое знаковое оружие ХХ века. ФотоThis weapon changed the face of war.

The emergence of a mass of small arms with a rifled barrel once and forever changed the battlefield. Tactics and the whole strategy is built on the ability to break the defense of the soldiers. Of course, the debate about how firearms became important in the twentieth century will rage always experts, both professional and sofas galore. We decided to show you objectively the main models, each of which has become a true legend.

Самое знаковое оружие ХХ века. Фото


In 1959, the rifle presented to the military specialists, the company Armalite, subsequently overbought famous Colt concern. Already in 1964 the M16 entered service to the present time remains the main argument of the American infantry.

Самое знаковое оружие ХХ века. Фото

The Maxim Machine Gun

In fact, the machine gun was developed by the American Hiram Maxim, however, is the Russian modification of Colonel Alexander Sokolov entered the history wars. To the end of the great Patriotic war “Maxim” was made in Tula, and only in 1945 gave the new machine gun Goryunova.

Самое знаковое оружие ХХ века. Фото


Submachine gun Shpagina has replaced design Degtyareva. Simple, functional, truly military weapons became a symbol of the Soviet soldier of world war II.

Самое знаковое оружие ХХ века. Фото

Colt M1911

Until 1990, automatic Colt M1911 pistol, designed by John Browning in 1911 stood on the armament of the American army, and without any modifications since 1926. Structurally simple, the ideal in combat conditions the gun in some places is used in our time.

Самое знаковое оружие ХХ века. Фото

M134 Minigun

Aircraft machine gun M134 Minigun 7.62 mm has become a vivid symbol of the Vietnam war. Effective rate of fire of this machine has reached 4,000 rounds per minute — a real meat grinder.

Самое знаковое оружие ХХ века. Фото

Mauser C96

Strange, but the development of 1896 was a success, even in the beginning of the Second world war. Clear, effective, trouble-free “Mauser” did not get into service in any army in the world: officers from all over the world were buying guns for their money, preferring to exchange money on your own blood.

Самое знаковое оружие ХХ века. Фото

M1 Garand

No, not “mosinka” became the first basic self-loading rifle infantry. The American M1 Garand, created and fostered by John Garand was in mass production only at the beginning of 1940 year, but managed to collect his share of bloody harvest in a terrible war.

Самое знаковое оружие ХХ века. Фото


And finally, we left the most obvious and the most “delicious” at the same time. The design of the Kalashnikov became the most common small arms of the world; it was issued more than a hundred million machines. Modifications created a lot, worked the machine almost anywhere in the world.

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