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The head of the PACE refused to resign

Глава ПАСЕ отказался уходить в отставкуThe scandal according to the politician did not become an important reason for his resignation.

President of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Pedro Agramunt did not believe that he should resign because of his controversial visit to Syria along with Russian state Duma deputies.

About this on his page in Facebook wrote a representative of Ukraine in PACE, Deputy speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“Heavy group meeting in Strasbourg at the PACE session. Agramunt directly asked whether he believes that should retire. Answer: no, he doesn’t think so. But, says he is naive and chaste, which deceived and misled the insidious and vile Russians, he didn’t know where, why and with whom is flying, and there wasn’t supposed to be the media, and flew like a Spanish Senator, not the President of PACE,” she said.

“Deputies asked him directly: is it possible, then let it stay Spanish senators, not the President of the PACE. But Agramunt, wants to be President of the PACE (excluding the days when he befriends a Russian deputies). Agreed to have that to blame the media that reported about this visit, the Russians, who did not keep it secret and we, because attacking him is groundless,” – said the representative of Ukraine in PACE.

After that, according to Gerashchenko, Agramunt “was traditionally run away.”

“He never answered my question about it as PACE President concerning the situation in the Donbas, where yesterday, killing and wounding unarmed mission members of the OSCE SMM. By the way, for sending troops to Russia voted Agramonte friend, his guide in Syria Slutsky. And the President of PACE recalled the conflict in Central Europe in the last their statements”, – said Vice-speaker of the Parliament.

“The Ukrainian delegation has always stood in the position of upholding the principles of the PACE. We are not against the senators, whatever the name, they were not, like private persons. But we protest against the violation of the principles of PACE, we are outraged by these Russian attempts to remotely destroy the PACE as the authoritative international organization and openly allow in these scenarios, the PACE President. He should bear political responsibility for their actions.

Apology that he had been deceived – it is hardly possible to do, the more skilled and white-haired politician is unlikely to play the role of a naive Senator”, she concluded.

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