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The guy amused the Network with a rousing training with the red cat

Парень повеселил Сеть зажигательной тренировкой с рыжим котомIn the video, the guy under the energetic music performs exercises with a cat Jacob.

The network has drawn attention to an American sports blogger and model Travis Delorier, which pumps your muscles with a red cat named Jacob. The video was published in Twitter-account Insider.

Video Delorier under the energetic dance music with Jacob, takes the cat on his hands and using the animal like dumbbells, perform physical exercises. In addition, caring for a pet – sawed his nails, do yoga, and continually confesses his love to the animal.

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In the comments under the video, viewers admitted that jealous blogger and want exactly the same cat as Jacob.

“My cat never allow himself to embrace,” complained one of them. “Ginger cats rule,” explained another.

Commentators also added that training with Jacob – one of the nicest things they had ever seen in his life.

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