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The former wife of Pierre Narcisse told how drunk the singer beat her and the baby


40-year-old singer Dionne Warwick became famous through the talent show “star Factory” and their hit “Chocolate Bunny”. In 2009, Pierre married to singer Valerie Kalacheva, who bore him a daughter, Carolina-Cristelo.


Recently, Pierre has been involved in the scandal. The mistress of the artist, radio host Marianne Suvorov accused him of the brutal rape. Narcisse admitted that he really was having an affair with Marianne, however, according to him, he didn’t rape her.

Marianne Suvorov

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In this case, Valeria, ex-wife of the artist, also repeatedly said that her husband was violent towards her, and in a recent interview with portal the woman told about bullying Pierre. Kalacheva admitted that to reveal the truth she decided after the recognition of Marianne.

“Before that I lived in fear as my child, and we couldn’t do it. We have literally been a recluse in the house behind closed doors. This man in public one — he’s a people person, very charismatic, and alone… You have no idea what a despot, a tyrant and a rapist,” said Valeria.


The woman said that she divorced a narcissist and is going to deprive him of parental rights. According to Valerie, Pierre, abusing alcohol. In a drunken state, he had an exacerbation. “He lit up like a flash, and allowed his fists. Husband burst into the room, began to shout, beat me, Caroline woke up and tried to calm him down, shouting: “please don’t touch that, mom!” Then the daughter got fists bumps 6-8, with all his strength. And I don’t know why he would, but he uses with alcohol viagra” — said Kalachev.

Valeria says that even after divorce the narcissist’s stalking her and threatening violence. Stress little Carolina began health problems: “she has heart disease, already the second degree. Doctors prescribed her the strongest sedative to during the quarrels with her father for anything did not react, to be able to sleep. I have several times said to him: “Look, what are you doing that you upset the baby,” but he just waved. Carolina is afraid of him, doesn’t want to communicate with him and to call him father.”


Kalachev said that he contacted the police, however, Pierre began to beg for forgiveness. “After another terrible night we went to mirotochit icons. There he came to Nicholas, he took me by the hand and before the Holy said, “I apologize to this woman. More I’ll never do it, and if you do, let me punish God.“ How then not to forgive? I thought something Holy this man has gone,” concluded Valeria.


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