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The features of mentality of inhabitants of the United States. Photo

Особенности менталитета жителей США. ФотоWe find it difficult to understand American traditions.

They don’t give gifts on birthday, watching each other and share their problems with psychologists and not with friends. What else we do not understand in the lives of Americans.

They used to move out from parents

Особенности менталитета жителей США. Фото

Most Americans are beginning to live an independent life at 18, after enrolling at the University. Some after graduation, returned to his parents ‘ house, but in society they are still looked at askance: tradition suggests that living with parents after 25 years is not normal. However, this trend recently has been shaken. American research company Pew analyzed this trend and, after a survey concluded that the main reason is not even in financial problems and in bringing together parents with older children.

Their parents did not have their children

Особенности менталитета жителей США. Фото

Money parents are not considered in the US, the automatic inheritance of the children. The latter often earn themselves pocket money. So, children of Charles Feeney, founder of the worldwide network of Duty Free shops and lots of charity projects during his studies, worked on holidays, waiters, maids and cashiers.

Forced to get on their own, Americans are workaholics. To come into the office at 6am and leave around midnight for the Americans the norm. Lunch break is not everywhere. So, in a large supermarket chain Food Lion, like most other companies, operates a system of hourly wages. If the employee decides to eat, he needs to clock out for lunch and returning to work. Lunch break is not paid. Therefore, many people prefer to snack on the go.

Paid vacations are rare. Yes, and the holiday usually lasts from 5 to 15 days. At Microsoft in the list of holidays includes only the largest, such as Christmas and independence Day. And paid leave lasts for only 15 days a year, of which the majority of employees take only half. And that many share… hourly!

They knock each other

Особенности менталитета жителей США. Фото

If, looking into the cafe, you will not find room for smokers, it is not necessary to put cigarettes and a lighter. None of the visitors offer you comments. But many go to complain to the Manager. In USA there are cases when an American knocks on the late colleague, and “sleepless a resident of Seattle” calling in the dead of night to the police to report running a red light car. Sometimes even that student that violated the school Charter, comes to the Director to inform the Director about the violation. Laws Americans follow strictly, and every offender will be people who will tell about his sins where it should.

They think primarily about themselves

Особенности менталитета жителей США. Фото

American can beat his chest, vowing to help in case of trouble, but when the most aid you need you do first as it is more profitable to him. Before the threat of flooding he can promise that tomorrow morning will take you away from the ocean. And in the morning to call and say that plans have changed and it is more convenient to travel with relatives. In the US people think primarily about themselves and their family.

Interestingly, in the early XX century, when the correspondents of the newspaper “Pravda” Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov came to the USA, they were amazed at the ability of Americans to keep their word. Once during a conversation with writer Ernest Hemingway journalists noticed that he would like to visit the prison of sing sing, differing very strict regime. It turned out that the father of Pope ham familiar with the prison and have promised to contribute. Ilf and Petrov did not pay attention to it, but the next day the father-in-law writer said that the case is settled and reporters can examine sing sing any day.

They do not celebrate birthdays

Особенности менталитета жителей США. Фото

Two friends can communicate more than one year and not know when each other’s birthday. If a child of happinesa with guests and a huge cake — a phenomenon quite normal, growing up, many Americans do not even announce when born. If the American wants to celebrate your birthday guests home he will call and gather friends and together they go to the restaurant where the gift will be purchased alcohol, or paid the bill for dinner. To congratulate colleagues here are also not accepted, although there are exceptions. So, in Google back in the day of his birth, the employee receives an hour of free massage.

They know the value of money

Особенности менталитета жителей США. Фото

From the first glance it may seem that Americans are greedy and materialistic. Actually they just know the value of money. Is Russian ready to take from the shelves anything that catches my eye, and then be surprised the amount obtained at the box office. While many of them purchased may not be required, just to be sold at a discount. Americans are not such. However, they have a reason.

$9000 — the average cost of tuition at a state College with the exception of accommodation and food (2016/2017 academic year).
$33 000 — the average cost of tuition at a private College with the exception of accommodation and food (2016/2017 academic year).
$10-50 — fee for a visit to the doctor if you have medical insurance.
$160-315 — monthly premium for health insurance type HMO from Kaiser Permanente for one person.
$4 — cappuccino Cup in Miami.
$15 — hike in a cheap restaurant Los Angeles.
$3000 — monthly rent one-bedroom apartments in the heart of new York city.

Wages, though vary from state to state and from profession to profession, on average, not so huge. According to the Bureau of labor statistics, in the fourth quarter of 2016, the average salary in US is $849 per week ($758 for women and $927 for men).

They do not perform someone else’s work

Особенности менталитета жителей США. Фото

American won’t be under that car, trying to figure out the cause of the malfunction of the engine and call a tow truck to take her to the car wash. It is unlikely he will decide to bake their own pizza there is a pizzeria. Of course, if it’s not frozen pizza that needs only to reheat. The inhabitants of the country prefer to take their time because you can pay, and charge the solution to problems professionals. They believe that everyone should do what he does best.

They do not complain

Особенности менталитета жителей США. Фото

To the question “how are you?” any American will reply that everything is fine, and smile. While in his head he can spin the idea that he has two months can not find work and he soon will have no money to pay for rent. In this country it is not accepted to talk about their problems and admit failures. You can share only positive emotions. A smile is a signal of well-being. If an American smiles — so he’ll be fine. Therefore, in the US it is customary to smile and say Hello even to strangers. Their problems they prefer to solve it with professional psychologists, and not go for advice on how to live, to friends.

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