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The famous writer offered a new coat of arms of Russia

Известный публицист предложил новый герб РоссииNevzorov with the new Russian coat of arms.

Russian journalist Alexander Nevzorov has offered an alternative version of the coat of arms of Russia: instead of the eagle it has a two-headed pterodactyl.

The corresponding photo attribution Lydia Nevzorova placed in the personal official Instagram publicist.

“The art of hint. Two-headed pterodactyl – prop from the movie “Steak Mikhailovich Dostoevsky” (viceverse the same article that Nevzorov takes on the country of Faberge. – Ed.). How fair, how fresh were the ties,” wrote the caption to the photo.

Last words – changed the famous phrase from a poem in prose by Turgenev, the original of which was: “how fair, How fresh were the roses.”

So the hint was understood better, the text is accompanied by relevant tags: “buckles”, “Russia”, “Russian state”, “the Russian coat of arms”, “obscurantism”, “heraldry”, “double eagle”, “autocracy”, “patriotism”.

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