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The famous actress who plays the role of Anna Karenina. Photo

Известные актрисы, исполнившие роль Анны Карениной. ФотоThis role was a success.

Yesterday started showing the Russian drama Anna Karenina and Elizabeth Boyarskaya in the title role. This novel by Leo Tolstoy is considered one of the most filmed works of Russian literature. There are more than 25 films based on the book. Today we gathered seven of the most brilliant Actresses who try on the image of Anna Karenina.

Greta Garbo

Известные актрисы, исполнившие роль Анны Карениной. Фото

In the first sound film adaptation of “Anna Karenina” 1935, the role of the heroine got the “snow Queen of Hollywood” Greta Garbo. By the way, she was already at the scene of a Karenina in a silent adaptation in 1927. A second version with the actress was named best foreign film at the Venice film festival. In General, the image created Greta Garbo, evokes sympathy, but there is a mental breakdown, which can be traced in the literary image of Leo Tolstoy.
Vivien Leigh

Известные актрисы, исполнившие роль Анны Карениной. Фото

The 1948 film with Vivien Leigh’s participation has become an alternative for those viewers who play Greta Garbo seemed too pretentious. The actress added the image Karenina poignancy and warmth. Vivien Leigh even started to learn Russian language, trying to understand the desires and actions of her characters.
Tatyana Samoylova

Известные актрисы, исполнившие роль Анны Карениной. Фото

The most recognizable image of Anna Karenina, not only for domestic but also for foreign audiences created Tatiana Samoilova in the film adaptation of Alexander Zarkhi 1967. The Director made the film true to the book. On the role of the heroine claimed the first beauties of the time – Elina Bystritskaya, Lyudmila Chursina, Tatiana Doronina, but Alexander zarchi chose Samoilov. Her dark eyes and hair, pale skin successfully entered into the aristocratic way Karenina, described by Leo Tolstoy.

After the incredible success at the Cannes film festival the film “the cranes are Flying”, where the main role is played Samoilov, foreign Directors invited the actress to star in Hollywood version of “Anna Karenina” is paired with actor Gerard Philip. But the leaders of the state have not released Samoilov in a film bringing foreign colleagues to excuses and arguments.
Jacqueline Bisset

Известные актрисы, исполнившие роль Анны Карениной. Фото

In 1985 Hollywood released another film adaptation of “Anna Karenina” with Jacqueline Bisset in the title role. The actress looked much older than the literary image. In General, she was able to convey aristocratic manners Karenina, her loftiness, restraint. With regard to internal emotional experiences, critics agreed that the Karenina-Bisset turned out a mystery woman.
Sophie Marceau

Известные актрисы, исполнившие роль Анны Карениной. Фото

Another Hollywood version of “Anna Karenina”, shot by Director Bernard rose, released in 1997. The main role was Sophie Marceau. The viewer could not fail to involve the surroundings: all the shooting took place in Russia. Action unfolded on the background of the Hermitage, the Mariinsky Palace and other monuments of the Northern capital.

Many critics are very flattering about the game Sophie Marceau, despite the fact that the film has a lot of inconsistencies with the novel Tolstoy. The actress later admitted in an interview that she didn’t really know what I felt her character, which left the child for a lover.
Keira Knightley

Известные актрисы, исполнившие роль Анны Карениной. Фото

In 2012 on the screens released the British version of “Anna Karenina” with keira Knightley in the title role. Thanks to the costumes and impressive scenery, the movie was beautiful, but too adapted. The actress also looks modern. If you step back and forget that the basis of the film should be based on the novel by Tolstoy, the film can be viewed with pleasure.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya

Известные актрисы, исполнившие роль Анны Карениной. Фото

And again the Russian version of “Anna Karenina” was released. Director Karen Shakhnazarov has tried to depart from the common stamps and to show their vision of Leo Tolstoy’s novel. Starring Elizaveta Boyarskaya. The film was launched on the Russian TV channel April 17, 2017. And the spectators had again the opportunity to remember the storyline of the novel and, of course, to compare the performance of the actors.

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