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The evolution of Kylie Jenner from plain girl to a business woman on the cover of Forbes

20-year-old Kylie Jenner, the youngest sister of the clan Kardashian-Jenner, the popularity (of 110 million subscribers in Instagram, 25 million followers on Twitter, millions of subscribers in Snарсhat) and the size of the Bank account (her fortune is estimated at 900 million dollars) soon it will overtake the very Kim. For the last time in the life of a star, much has changed: she first became a mother (gave birth to her beloved Travis Scott daughter Stormy), was recognized as the richest model-influencers (beating Zuckerberg, by the way, which made his first billion at age 23), and beauty Empire girls is booming. Since her first appearance on the screen (she was a participant of the show “the Kardashians” in 2007) the star has changed beyond recognition. Edition SPLETNIK.RU followed the beauty evolution of Kylie Jenner.

When started a show about the Kardashian family, Kylie was just ten. The girl had jet black hair, thick bangs, baby sweet cheeks, thin eyebrows and lips-strings. On the forums many have written about the “inconspicuous” younger half-sister of Kim Kardashian and called her only as an ugly duckling. Not surprisingly, Kylie was very from complexes about it, but according to her makeup helped her feel more confident. Since then began the “affair” stars with makeup. She never went out without several layers of heavy makeup, false eyelashes, dark lipstick, a highlighter and bronzer.

The girl was only 16 years old when she persuaded her mother Kris Jenner to go with her to the beautician.

I had very small lips. When I first kissed a guy, he told me: “I didn’t think you were going to kiss so well, because you have very small lips— remembered celebrity. Then the tabloids just wrote about this. Jenner kept his head and decided to turn it in their favor — to run a series of lipsticks and Lip glosses Kylie. Needless to say that all the sets were sold per minute after the official start of sales? And some very enterprising person even managed to resell on eBay lipsticks, which cost 29 dollars, for 1000! Before I updated the page in Instagram, it was all sold out, said the girl.

However, not only Kylie’s lips have changed… Surgeons insist that the nose of the girl too was a professional job. He became more thin and elegant that speaks about rhinoplasty. The operation was not, I hate this question. I just grew up. With age, facial features change slightly, and my nose I’ve always loved! she said.

For its 18th anniversary star finally acquired the appearance, dreamed about, and began to resemble Kim.

According to rumors, the 2017 star had a boob job by using implants. This eloquent photos of stars in bikinis — these impressive merits at the girl was not there before (in a year the size of B Jenner’s “grown” to D). Kylie herself denies the rumors about going to plastic surgeons. The girl with a smile, shrugs, says that all the matter in perspective, the bra with a push up (I believe), and says that her breast becomes more “certain days of the month.” But an expert from a Los Angeles doctor Back I am sure that she is disingenuous:

Diet and sport, of course, able to change forms, but then mass recruited all over the body, and not on his private land. Of course, Kylie are silicone implants.

But that’s not all. Again according to rumors (the girl is silent as a partisan, when it comes to plastic), I’ve upgraded and buttocks. The star explains the luxurious forms of regular weight gain. According to her, as a teenager, she was very thin. And as soon as grown up and gained weight, her buttocks widened considerably.

Painting and packing Kylie changes constantly from a young age. With the hair she was lucky: her splendid hair, which firmly withstand all the experiments. The girl was blonde, wore an asymmetrical Bob, stepped up the hair and almost every day appear with a new hairstyle. As it turned out, the stars a collection of wigs (over 20 pieces) — from the simple black that is different is that long, bright blue, peach and green mermaid.

The other day Kylie Jenner included in the list of the richest women in America, self-earned capital, ahead of actress Barbara Streisand, singers Beyonce and Taylor swift. In honor of this event the girl appeared on the cover of the August issue of Forbes magazine. Before filming, the star admitted that he had deleted all the fillers from the lips than simultaneously shocked and delighted his fans.

I realize that I have gone too far. It’s terrible when people see you as artificial plastic the person that you are not,— commented on the celebrity.

Well, sure Jenner again and again will surprise us with her transformation!

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