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The Dutch designer has created unimaginable lamp. Video

Нидерландский дизайнер создал невообразимую лампу. ВидеоAmazing invention appeared in the Netherlands.

Dutch designer van Fermions Oers created the “Living Light” (Living Light): the plants used also as lamp. Or lamps used as plant – it depends.

Here’s how it works: in photosynthesis plants form in the soil organic compounds, causes the bacteria to generate electrons and protons, which are then used similarly to a traditional battery.

Interestingly, more healthy plants give you more energy, so if you take good care of them, you can get up to 0.1 mW of energy. And that is enough to use it as a night lamp.

Currently, van Oers, along with Plant-E, another Dutch startup specializing in energy plants, study methods of increasing the output energy generated by the “Living light”.

“We are now completing work on a prototype and hope that our first batch of 50 pieces, will be sent to customers in early 2018,” said the designer.

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