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The detention of cannibals in Russia: “surfaced” the terrible details. Video

Задержание каннибалов в России: "всплыли" страшные подробности. ВидеоFriends caught in a Russian family of cannibals told the awful details.

Friends Dmitry and Natalia Baksheeva pairs of Krasnodar (Russian Federation), suspected of cannibalism,told about the strange behavior of the spouses.

It is reported

So, an employee of a local beauty salon Julia, who always cut her Dmitri and Natalia, said that once saw directly in front of the porch, a trail of blood that stretched in the direction of the school.

Barber decided that it marks night drunken brawl. As she saw the body, decided that the man himself went home.

While investigators have every reason to believe that the blood belongs to one of the victims of cannibals. On 8 September, they had a drinking party with his friend, 32-year-old Elena. At some point, a quarrel broke out, and Dmitri killed his girlfriend. His wife helped him dismember the body.

According to journalists, the remains of the female criminals put into the bag, which went back to the Dorm.

It is noted that the next morning the head of the family went to a nearby neighborhood where repaired apartment. In the hands of Dmitry was the same bag. At work, he did shots with fragments of the human body, which then fell into the hands of the police. When the working day came to an end, Dmitri was back home with the same weight in the hands.

Currently, investigators are trying to establish how the man was able to walk around the city with a bag in which were pieces of the human body.

The publication adds that the couple Baksheeva themselves admitted that killed two people, the body of the last victim was dismembered. After that, they refused to answer questions and to cooperate with the investigation.

“It all happened in an abandoned house, which is never protected. This building is directly opposite our shop. Once the house was built for the military, but the construction freeze. The multi-storey house is an eerie sight on the first floor all the Windows knocked out, doors removed. They say that in this house and found a lot of blood, remains. Every morning, I pass by this building, now it is guarded by three cadets, no one is allowed there,” – said the saleswoman of the shop where Baksheeva every day to buy food and alcohol.

In the house found the remains of the last victim. In addition, there last spring near tanks garbage store employees saw a human hand, but decided that it was a fake.

“We came by the store are different people, among them were outcasts, alcoholics. Such characters are especially remarkable, because we monitor them so nothing is stolen. So the two went-went, and then disappeared. They lived somewhere nearby, maybe even in the same “zabroski”. We decided that they be put in jail, have done maybe. And after a while learned that the cops are after them – some of them relatives or friends appealed to the law enforcement authorities”, – says the saleswoman.

According to the newspaper, those people never found. They have been missing. An employee of the store admits that Baksheeva could find people to invite to the same abandoned house to drink, and then deal with them.

Military pensioner Sergey Labintsev said that once invited spouses Baksheesh to have lunch with him.

“Dimitri why he was say jealous of me his wife, although there was absolutely no reason. He suddenly took a stool and tried to hit me from behind. But I was able to Dodge because he served in the army and know some techniques. After that Natalia also came at me, but it didn’t work out. I called a taxi, put them in the car and was never seen again. And now, after all the news, I understand that this was just an excuse, an imitation of jealousy. They just wanted to kill me,” – said the man.

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Informed psychiatrists recognized sane Krasnodar cannibal Natalia, who along with her husband killed and ate dozens of people.

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