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The deputies and managers of the media will undergo military training

Депутаты и руководство СМИ пройдут курс военной подготовкиTraining of parliamentarians and senior representatives of the media will deal with the national guard of the Russian Federation.

The national guard of the Russian Federation will hold a one-day training for state Duma deputies, Federation Council members, representatives of public organizations and heads of media.

The event, which will be attended by about 60 people, dedicated to the Day of defender of the Fatherland and will be held February 20 to 21 brigade operational purpose of the Central district of national guard troops of Russia.

The participants, in particular, will offer to practice shooting different types of firearms and grenade launchers, as well as in driving an armored vehicle “Tiger” and BTR-80.

Guests will see a demonstration by soldiers of the special forces unit “Peresvet” of possession in unarmed combat using cold steel and firearms. In addition, they show action, a helicopter search of the assault team, consisting of employees SOBR “Bulat” and private security, to block and neutralize “armed bandits” who seized the building.

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